Your LOVECAST™: Antsy to Escape the Office?

The week begins on an adventurous note that can make you antsy to escape the office. Mid-week is serious business and favors getting clear about your goals. The Vernal Equinox on Friday brings a fresh start for everyone. Finally, the weekend is all about dashing your routine, throwing off restrictions and partying with friends (or with just your sweetie!). Read your Sun and ascendant signs to discover your best days for love – and other things.

Week of March 16 – 22, 2009

Pisces: Sharing your expertise can bring romance and other opportunities on Monday. A clash of wills with your partner or boss can upset you on Tuesday. A friend may prove troublesome mid-week, but a group gathering or community project brings a romantic interlude on Friday. Be daringly unconventional when planning a rendezvous this weekend!

Aries: Exploring a new restaurant, hiking spot or class inspires romance on Monday. Restlessness and responsibility play tug-of-war on Tuesday. Your expertise can advance your career mid-week, if you don’t hold yourself back. Romance feels blocked on Thursday. The Sun transiting into Aries on Friday energizes your aspirations. An unusual gathering brings love and friendship this weekend.

Taurus: Intimacy is fiery on Monday, but distractions and stress can disrupt romance on Tuesday. Sharing your vision and knowledge bring kudos mid-week. Hidden or unexpressed feelings hinder romance on Thursday. A trip or class can inspire romance on Friday. Revealing your individuality and unique style make you a magnet for admirers this weekend!

Gemini: Activities with your sweetie are favored on Monday. Issues about commitment or priorities can upset love on Tuesday. Intimacy is deep on Wednesday, but a fear of being vulnerable challenges you. A friend may need your help on Thursday. A slow, sexy romp sets you ablaze on Friday! Romance can be found from afar or during a spiritual activity this weekend.

Cancer: Flirting during a work-related activity can inspire romance on Monday. Mood swings are inevitable on Tuesday. Feelings are intense between you and your partner on Wednesday, but feelings may be difficult to express on Thursday. A twosome outing fires you up on Friday! Revealing your surprisingly zany sense of humor inspires romance this weekend.

Leo: Passion skyrockets on Monday, when your daring side fires up lust. Love feels serious or stilted on Tuesday. Love may need an expression of seriousness mid-week. Work pulls you away from romance on Thursday. A healthy activity can bring a romantic interlude on Friday. Your partnership sector is energized this weekend, so plan a romp for two!

Virgo: Let your sexy side out to play during a homey tryst on Monday. Unpredictable people can stress you out on Tuesday. A sexy rendezvous brings delight on Wednesday, if you communicate clearly and don’t let control issues get in the way. A clash of wills can derail love on Thursday. Passion soars on Friday! Your perceptiveness and razorblade wit draw admirers this weekend.

Libra: Daring to speak what you feel inspires love on Monday, but communicating is an uphill battle on Tuesday. Intensity with a family member can unhinge you on Wednesday. A conflict with your partner may arise on Thursday. A home-cooked meal and enticing ambiance heat up passion on Friday. Your creativity, both in and out of the bedroom, inspires passion this weekend.

Scorpio: Your wild-child kicks passion into high gear on Monday. Watch out for emotional spending that can rack up your credit card on Tuesday. Secrecy or gossip can get you into hot water on Wednesday or Thursday. Flirting revs up romance on Friday, when a trip can inspire love as well. Surprising your sweetie with some heartfelt words accelerates love this weekend!

Sagittarius: You’re on fire and ready for action on Monday, so plan a sexy tryst. You’ll need to stay centered and prioritize on Tuesday. A conflict over money or a miscommunication can unhinge romance on Wednesday or Thursday. A sweet gift or gesture can inspire romance on Friday. Flirting inspires a fun rendezvous this weekend, so expose your cleverness!

Capricorn: Some outdoor fun can rev up romance on Monday. Meditating reveals inner blocks that hinder your progress on Tuesday. The urge for a change can prompt you to rethink your goals mid-week. Your confidence may be low on Thursday, but your powers of attraction soar on Friday. An unusual locale or trip revs up romance this weekend.

Aquarius: Socializing brings fun and new friends on Monday, but unreliable or negative people can unhinge you on Tuesday. Inner angst can make you restless mid-week, so do some soul-searching on what you really want and try to come to terms with the past. A serene evening for two can bring delight on Friday. Your originality and engaging wit draw romance this weekend!

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