Your LOVECAST™: Getting Creative In and Out of the Bedroom

Venus fires up passion when it transits into Aries on Monday. Just watch out for complications (jealousy… clash of wills) mid-week. Getting creative, both in and out of the bedroom, revs up romance this weekend so hold tight.

Week of February 2 – 8, 2009

Aquarius: Your wit and insights make you the center of attention during Venus in Aries over the next few months. This week, love needs a genuine show of feelings on Monday and Tuesday. Word games and creative flirting accelerate passion mid-week. A lively rendezvous with your partner this weekend can deepen your connection.

Pisces: Venus in Aries encourages you to express your feelings during the next several months. Look for moneymaking opportunities, too. This week, your naughty side comes out to play on Monday and Tuesday! Throwing a party (for two?) can prompt a romantic interlude mid-week. Use your imagination to create a sexy ambiance for two this weekend.

Aries: Venus transiting into your sign accelerates your powers of attraction over the next few months. It’s your turn to shine on the social front! This week, look for moneymaking opportunities on Monday and Tuesday. Your sense of humor heats up passion early in the week. Stubbornness can derail love on Thursday. Playfulness revs up romps in the boudoir this weekend!

Taurus: Venus in Aries during the next few months can get you thinking about former lovers, and encourages you to heal the past. This week, your magnetism makes you irresistible on Monday and Tuesday. Your words make an impression mid-week, so speak thoughtfully. Creating an enticing ambiance heats up passion this weekend!

Gemini: Getting involved in group activities can bring fun and opportunities over the next few months during Venus in Aries. This week, a natural locale inspires passion on Monday and Tuesday. Your wit draws others to you mid-week, so share your braininess. Expressing appreciation to your sweetie revs up romance this weekend!

Cancer: Networking with colleagues can bring career opportunities – and perhaps a romantic interlude – during the next few months, complements of Venus in Aries. Socializing is energized on Monday and Tuesday. Love deepens through a heart-felt discussion mid-week. Create a dramatic setting (lighting, music, sexy attire) to heat up passion this weekend!

Leo: Venus in Aries can bring romance through cultural events, spiritual activities or during a class over the next few months. This week, your sensuality makes passion sizzle on Monday and Tuesday. A group gathering can bring a romantic interlude mid-week. You’re on fire and irresistible this weekend, so get out there and play!

Virgo: Your daring side makes passion percolate over the next few months during Venus in Aries! You’ll need some time alone to recharge, though. This week, spiritual connections are the focus in love on Monday and Tuesday. Some sexy flirting sets passion aflame mid-week. A spontaneous tryst accelerates romance during the weekend.

Libra: Activities with your partner are energized by Venus in Aries during the next few months. If you’re solo, socializing may bring in someone special. This week, intimacy heats up on Monday and Tuesday! An exotic ambiance heightens romance mid-week, but your partner may get pushy. This weekend is all about being courageous in expressing love.

Scorpio: Venus in Aries can bring romance through work projects, healthy activities or charity events during the next few months. This week, love gets delightfully physical on Monday and Tuesday! You’re especially willful mid-week, but straightforward talk can clear the air. You’re feeling passionate this weekend, but love may get complicated.

Sagittarius: Romance accelerates during the next few months, complements of Venus in Aries. Your creativity gets a boost as well. This week, romance is slow and sexy on Monday and Tuesday. A fun outing with your partner brings delight mid-week. Your need for adventure may send you on a trip for two this weekend.

Capricorn: Over the next few months during Venus in Aries, beautifying your home and hosting some gatherings with friends and family will show off your style. This week, your romantic side takes over on Monday and Tuesday. Lending a helping hand inspires love mid-week. Dare to express your feelings this weekend, when an intimate tryst sets you on fire.

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