Your LOVECAST™: Romance Feel Serious

Gatherings with friends are emphasized when the Sun enters Aquarius on Monday. Stodgy Saturn makes romance feel serious or stilted on Saturday – are you holding yourself back from love? Then the New Moon in Aquarius this weekend favors meeting people through group activities and community projects during the next two weeks.

Week of January 19 – 25, 2009

Aquarius: Use your innovative side to heighten passion on Monday. Friends bring fun, insights and a possibly romantic opportunity mid-week. Look for a financial opportunity on Thursday. During the next two weeks, the New Moon in your sign amplifies your powers of attraction and brings opportunities for romance and professional advancement through networking.

Pisces: Try something different to make passion percolate on Monday. Your charisma skyrockets on Thursday and Friday, when socializing can bring both a romantic interlude and a professional opportunity. Friends bolster your confidence on Saturday, while the New Moon awakens your intuition and illuminates hidden emotional issues during the next two weeks.

Aries: Passion heats up on Monday, but a misunderstanding may arise with a friend. Romance is all about adventure and taking a risk on love mid-week! Also, you may meet someone special during a class. This weekend’s New Moon widens your social circle during the next two weeks and can bring romance through group activities.

Taurus: Your lusty side delights a partner on Monday, if you can wade through some mixed messages. A straight-forward, honest talk deepens love mid-week. Your charisma electrifies others on Thursday! While your confidence or energy may be low on Saturday, the weekend’s New Moon can bring romance through career projects sometime within the next two weeks.

Gemini: Love is complicated on Monday. A heart-to-heart talk heightens romance on Tuesday or Wednesday. A flirtation with a colleague may take you by surprise on Thursday! This weekend’s New Moon can bring romance through a class or spiritual endeavor during the next two weeks. It will also illuminate your future – if you heed your intuition.

Cancer: Love is electrifying on Monday! Flirting at the gym (or during another healthy activity) can bring a romantic interlude mid-week. Love blooms in an exotic ambiance on Thursday. Although an issue involving commitment or responsibility may arise with your partner this weekend, the New Moon awakens your need for emotional and sexual intimacy.

Leo: A miscommunication with your partner can unhinge love on Monday. Your adventurous side makes passion sizzle mid-week! This weekend’s New Moon brings a new cycle of partnership activities over the next two weeks, so focus on intimate trysts with your sweetie or get clear about what you want in a partner if you’re solo.

Virgo: Your wit makes you the center of attention on Monday. Entertaining friends can bring delight mid-week. A surprise awaits you on Thursday! Your partner may be distracted by work or other responsibilities on Saturday, but the New Moon can bring romance through work projects or healthy activities over the next two weeks.

Libra: Your instincts take over on Monday! Sexy talk can inspire a bedroom romp mid-week. Also, promoting your ideas brings a professional opportunity. Look for romance during a class or spiritual activity on Friday. Although Saturday feels repressive, the weekend’s New Moon energizes romantic trysts and inspires your creativity during the next two weeks.

Scorpio: Your powers of attraction soar on Monday! Look for moneymaking opportunities on Tuesday and Wednesday. An unexpected romantic gesture can heighten passion on Thursday, so be creative. Socializing is dreary on Saturday, but the New Moon gives you the urge to create a stylish ambiance and do some entertaining within the next two weeks.

Sagittarius: A serene outing for two makes love bloom on Monday. Your creativity in the boudoir heats up passion mid-week! You’ll feel somewhat conflicted about love on Saturday, but the New Moon inspires some inventive flirting. Also, look for opportunities during the next two weeks to market your talents and share your expertise.

Capricorn: Socializing is energized on Monday. A relationship from the past is on your mind mid-week. Is there something left unfinished? Surprising your sweetie with a flirtatious message makes passion escalate on Thursday! A fear about being vulnerable in love may arise this weekend. And over the next two weeks, the New Moon brings some moneymaking opportunities.

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