Your LOVECAST™: Pragmatism vs. Passion

Love is playful at the start of the week, but practicality gradually gets more serious as the week progresses. Saturday’s last-quarter-Moon pits pragmatism against passion. Then a wave of lust envelopes love on Sunday!

Week of January 12 – 18, 2009

Capricorn: Role-playing or engaging in some other fantasy can make passion sizzle on Monday, so use your imagination! Your powers of attraction skyrocket mid-week, so take a break and have some fun. Resolving career challenges can heighten your influence on Thursday and Friday. Socializing with friends brings a romantic interlude sometime this weekend.

Aquarius: Interactions with your partner can be baffling on Monday. Your talent for analysis and professional expertise bring you kudos at work mid-week. A clash of spiritual beliefs can upset a lover or friend on Thursday or Friday. Be careful while traveling, too. Your willfulness accelerates or derails passion during the weekend!

Pisces: You may feel unfocused on Monday, so take some quiet time for clarity. Insights about your relationship mid-week can deepen your connection or help manifest a compatible partner, so heed your intuition. Avoid negative friends who can bring trouble Thursday and Friday. Your mystique has admirers mesmerized on Saturday and Sunday!

Aries: Use your creativity to heighten romance on Monday. You’ll just need to decipher the mixed messages coming your way. Promoting your ideas at work during the week can bring you recognition. Twosome activities soar on Thursday, but argumentativeness can derail love on Friday. Intimacy is deep but also complicated through the weekend!

Taurus: Your whimsical side brings some sexy fun to the bedroom on Monday. In the family arena, a misunderstanding can throw you off balance temporarily. Your sensuality makes passion sizzle mid-week. Promote your creative projects, too. Instincts clash with common sense on Friday and Saturday. Twosome trysts get steamier as the weekend progresses!

Gemini: Your imagination goes into overdrive on Monday. A friendly gathering at your abode mid-week can deepen friendship and bring a romantic interlude as well. Passion kicks into high gear on Thursday and Friday, but insensitive words or actions can derail love, so be thoughtful. Access your instinctual side to heat up passion throughout the weekend!

Cancer: Love feels illusive on Monday. Flirting escalates by the middle of the week, when a daytrip can heighten passion as well. Your partner or another family member may be unusually irritated (or irritating!) on Thursday and Friday, so take some time to talk things through. Use some sexy creativity in the boudoir this weekend to rev up romance.

Leo: Idealism (and perhaps confusion) in romance soar at the start of the week. Look for financial opportunities mid-week, although Wednesday may bring a weird turn of events. Flirting heats up as the week goes on, but pushiness can unhinge communications. A sexy ambiance at your abode makes passion sizzle throughout the weekend!

Virgo: Love blooms in a peaceful setting on Monday. Your magnetism makes romance escalate on Tuesday and Wednesday. An unexpected career opportunity may present itself as well. Argumentativeness or jealousy may cause a problem with your sweetie on Thursday or Friday. Naughty talk and a trip for two this weekend can fire up passion!

Libra: Friends inspire your creativity on Monday. Romance beckons in a serene and sexy environment mid-week, so use your artistry to create an enticing ambiance. You may feel unusually uncompromising on Thursday and Friday, especially if your needs are being ignored. Your inner wild-child prompts a steamy encounter this weekend!

Scorpio: A miscommunication involving a work project (or with your boss) may arise on Monday. Socializing with friends can bring romance and other opportunities mid-week. Inner angst can make you restless and overly impulsive on Thursday and Friday, so take some quiet time to get centered. Your charisma makes you a magnet for romance this weekend!

Sagittarius: A longing to get away for an adventure may overtake you on Monday, but mid-week is all about taking care of practical stuff. Someone at work may throw you a curveball on Wednesday. Socializing may include an unpleasant surprise on Thursday or Friday. Inner restlessness this weekend can result in an impulsive (rash?) rendezvous.

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