Your LOVECAST™: Dampening the Fun

The Full Moon in chatty Gemini energizes flirting this week. A clash with Saturn, however, may dampen the fun. Then feelings flow (overflow?) from the Moon being in Cancer this weekend!

Week of December 8 – 14, 2008

Sagittarius: Passion skyrockets on Monday! Get real to inspire love on Tuesday and Wednesday. A rendezvous can bring delight on Thursday. The Full Moon on Friday accelerates partnership activities but challenges your attitudes about commitment and (gasp!) settling down. Emotions run high this weekend – Sunday is full of twosome energy.

Capricorn: A party for two at your abode revs up romance on Monday. Your sensuality kicks into high gear and inspires a lusty rendezvous mid-week! Promote your creativity then, too. Friday’s Full Moon challenges you to improve your diet and exercise regimen. A rendezvous for two (or meeting someone new) brings delight this weekend.

Aquarius: Your sense of humor revs up romance on Monday. Good food and a leisurely massage can accelerate passion on Tuesday and Wednesday. Romance brings delight on Thursday. The Full Moon on Friday heightens romance but also prompts a reality check. Think “mushy” when expressing your heart to make romance soar this weekend.

Pisces: Your wit and perceptiveness make you irresistible on Tuesday and Wednesday, when words from the heart inspire love. The Full Moon on Friday may give you the urge to throw a party, but some tension with your partner is likely to arise as well. Your creativity in the boudoir makes romance take flight this weekend!

Aries: You’re all fired up on Monday, but romance is slow and sensual mid-week. Look for a moneymaking opportunity, too. Communications can both stimulate and challenge you during Friday’s Full Moon, so speak thoughtfully. Also, double check your travel arrangements. Your home-loving side inspires a cozy rendezvous this weekend.

Taurus: Your lusty energy is hard to resist and inspires a sexy encounter on Tuesday or Wednesday. Create an enticing ambiance to make passion sizzle. Friday’s Full Moon prompts you to speak your mind, especially about the future of your relationship or career. A heart-to-heart talk during a trip for two can accelerate romance this weekend.

Gemini: A friend may bring an opportunity on Monday. A quiet get together in a serene ambiance inspires love mid-week. Friday’s Full Moon in your sign inflames passion but can also prompt an argument with your partner or a family member. This weekend brings a deeper understanding of your relationship, needs and desires.

Cancer: Socializing accelerates on Tuesday and Wednesday, when feelings deepen. However, seek clarity to avoid a misunderstanding on Wednesday. The Full Moon on Friday can stir up hidden feelings and thoughts about past relationships. Is there something left unsaid that needs to be expressed? Your charisma is irresistible this weekend, so plan an intimate tryst!

Leo: Explore new territory to rev up romance on Monday! Mid-week is all about taking your time with love, especially in the boudoir. Friends are the focus on Thursday. Friday’s Full Moon energizes socializing, but you’ll probably be happiest in a small gathering. A tranquil setting can heighten both love and lust this weekend!

Virgo: Psychic energy is strong on Tuesday and Wednesday, so be open to intuitive insights about your future. Also, love can be found during a class or spiritual activity. The Full Moon on Friday energizes career projects but can also make you easily irritated. Friends can bring a romantic interlude this weekend, so get out there and socialize!

Libra: A twosome tryst can turn hot on Monday! Your earthy side inspires an intimate interlude on Tuesday or Wednesday. A foreign restaurant or club can heighten passion on Thursday. Spiritual compatibility in love is the focus of Friday’s Full Moon. Love is instinctual this weekend, when revealing your deeper feelings revs up romance.

Scorpio: You’re lusty on Monday! Your partnership sector is energized mid-week, so plan a date with your sweetie or a close friend. Seek clarity in communications on Wednesday. Friday’s Full Moon energizes intimacy, but you may feel vulnerable and need some time alone, too. An exotic or foreign ambiance can make passion percolate this weekend!

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