Your LOVECAST™: A Fresh Perspective

Monday’s New Moon in Libra brings a fresh perspective regarding love over the next two weeks. Lust skyrockets mid-week! Idealism clashes with practicality over the weekend. So be flexible.

Week of September 29 – October 5, 2008


Libra: The New Moon in your sign helps manifest your desires over the next two weeks, so be clear about what you want. You’re charismatic but combative on Tuesday. Your mystique draws others to you like a magnet mid-week, so show off your style! Flirting heats up on Friday. Talk turns serious on Saturday. Avoid rash words (and driving) on Sunday.

Scorpio: Take some quiet time during Monday’s New Moon, which encourages introspection about the past and heightens your intuition. Your powers of attraction bring a lusty interlude and a creative opportunity mid-week. Love is adventurous on Friday. A clash of values or wills can disrupt your relationship on Saturday and Sunday.

Sagittarius: Socializing soars during Monday’s New Moon, which brings an opportunity through friends or community activities. Reveal your feelings to heighten passion mid-week, when love blooms within a serene ambiance. Your humor draws admirers on Friday! Freedom collides with responsibility to upset romance on Saturday or Sunday. Seek a deeper truth about love.

Capricorn: Monday’s New Moon brings a new career cycle over the next two weeks, so promote your ideas and projects. Taking the lead brings kudos at work on Tuesday. Your sensuality takes over mid-week, when romance can be found through a friend. You’re antsy for fun on Friday! Seek to eliminate inner blocks to love on Saturday and Sunday.

Aquarius: A window to the future opens during the New Moon on Monday, when your intuition guides you. It’s also a good time to begin a class. Offering your insights can bring recognition on Tuesday. Romance can be found during a career activity or with a colleague mid-week. Socializing brings amusement on Friday but complications on Saturday and Sunday.

Pisces: Monday’s New Moon brings a new cycle of intimacy, if you heal the past and resolve emotional blocks to closeness. You’re at your sexy best mid-week, when an exotic ambiance enhances love! Seek clarity in communications, however, on Thursday. Your daring side emerges on Friday. Fears about commitment may arise on Saturday or Sunday.

Aries: The New Moon on Monday will help you manifest a new relationship, or take your current relationship to the next level, if you’re meant to be together. Partnership activities are energized on Tuesday. Your wild child emerges mid-week! You’re in the mood for adventure on Friday. Problems may arise with a long-distance relationship on Saturday or Sunday.

Taurus: Monday’s New Moon offers a new cycle of work projects, which in turn may bring a romantic interlude. Your health regimen is energized on Tuesday. A twosome tryst turns hot mid-week, when partnership activities sizzle! Intimacy soars on Friday but feels stifling on Saturday. Strive to eliminate negative attitudes about love on Sunday.

Gemini: Romance gets a fresh start after the New Moon on Monday. Your creativity is energized as well. Passion sizzles on Tuesday. Romance can be found through a work project or healthy activity mid-week. A titillating rendezvous fires you up on Friday, but feelings seem blocked on Saturday. Jealousy or control issues can derail love on Sunday.

Cancer: Monday’s New Moon is all about family activities and beautifying your home for entertaining. Family interactions intensify (into an argument?) on Tuesday. Mid-week is the best time for a lusty tryst. Use your artistry to create an enticing boudoir ambiance. Love needs a dose of daring on Friday. Issues about security arise on Saturday and Sunday.

Leo: Promote your ideas after Monday’s New Moon, which can open doors through communications and travel. Naughty talk heightens passion on Tuesday! Love is lusty but complicated mid-week. A misunderstanding may arise on Thursday. Romance soars on Friday but hits a speed bump on Saturday. An extreme reaction can unhinge love on Sunday.

Virgo: Your finances get a boost from the New Moon on Monday, so look for moneymaking opportunities over the next two weeks. Your wicked side takes over mid-week, when some naughty flirting can heat up passion! Throwing a party on Friday can bring delight. You may feel off balance on Saturday. Feelings seem out of control on Sunday.

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