Your LOVECAST™: Navigating the Hairpin Turns

Being flexible will help you navigate the hairpin turns at the start of the week. Venus entering Pisces on Thursday (through March 6) casts a dreamy, illusive glow over relationships. This weekend, the New Moon in Aquarius favors friendly flirting on Saturday, while the Moon in Pisces connecting with Venus and Jupiter suggests over-the-top romance on Sunday. Best days for socializing: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Week of February 8 – 14, 2010

Your desire to shake things up prompts some boat-rocking on Monday. Socializing is challenging on Tuesday. A natural locale can heighten romance on Wednesday and Thursday. You’re a magnet for admirers on Friday. The New Moon in your sign heightens your powers of attraction this weekend (and beyond), so focus on what you really want.

Pisces: You may feel embroiled in a tug-of-war at the start of the week, as multiple tasks and people demand your attention. Friends bring delight on Wednesday and Thursday. A spiritual activity inspires romance on Saturday. Your ability to attract love skyrockets on Sunday, so keep your heart open. If you’re already involved, plan a dreamy date with your sweetie.

Aries: Your desire to be unfettered can mess with your commitments on Monday. Some abrasiveness (with your boss?) may arise on Tuesday. Love needs a grounded approach toward the middle of the week. A heartfelt talk deepens your relationship on Thursday or Friday. Group activities bring fun on Saturday. A spiritual activity attracts/deepens love on Sunday.

Taurus: A spontaneous, sexy romp can energize you on Monday. Feelings are heavy on Tuesday, but optimism for the future inspires you on Wednesday and especially Thursday. An adventurous approach to love heats up passion on Friday. Romance can be found through a friend or friendly gathering this weekend. Love is especially soulful on Sunday.

Gemini: Your partner or close friend may throw you a curveball on Monday. An issue over commitment, sex, or shared finances can unhinge you on Tuesday. Love is in the air on Thursday and Friday, when flirting gets results. Your intuition guides your love life on Saturday, while a show of sensitivity/compassion inspires romance on Sunday.

Cancer: You may intuitively pick up on the stress of people around you at the start of the week, so strive to stay centered in your own feelings. A lively date with your sweetie (or someone new) energizes you on Thursday or Friday. Your unique sense of humor draws admirers on Saturday. A cultural or spiritual activity brings romance on Sunday.

Leo: Breaking free of your routine fires up passion on Monday. The wrong word can unhinge love on Tuesday. Sexy talk inspires romance on Thursday and Friday. Saturday’s New Moon can help you find a compatible partner (or energize the relationship you already have) during the next two weeks, but you may need to decipher some mixed messages this weekend.

Virgo: The chaotic vibe in the air can unhinge you on Monday. A power struggle may ensue in your relationship (or inside you) on Tuesday. Romance blooms on Wednesday, when your sensuality inspires a sexy interlude. Your brainpower makes you irresistible on Saturday. Revealing your dreams and goals for the future inspires/attracts love on Sunday.

Libra: Some inventive or unusual flirting makes you the center of attention on Monday. Limitations seem to surround you on Tuesday, so focus on the positive. Your artistry and style inspire romance on Thursday and Friday, so show off your uniqueness. A dash of fantasy fires up passion on Saturday. Participating in a helpful activity deepens/attracts romance on Sunday.

Scorpio: Love feels unpredictable on Monday. Some old emotional junk may arise to be dealt with on Tuesday. Taking some quiet time for introspection will help. Expressing your feelings accelerates romance on Wednesday and Thursday. A party can energize you on Saturday. Expressing what’s in your heart awakens love on Sunday, your best day for romance this week.

Sagittarius: You may feel unsettled on Monday and overly grounded on Tuesday. Sharing what’s important to you deepens romance on Wednesday. Learning something new or exploring a new location inspires/attracts love on Thursday or Friday. The New Moon energizes your flirting skills on Saturday. A cozy rendezvous for two or throwing a party for friends brings delight on Sunday.

Capricorn: A unexpected insight can illuminate your love life on Monday. You may feel somewhat disempowered on Tuesday. Reviewing your accomplishments will improve your confidence. Your charisma soars on Wednesday and Thursday, when a financial opportunity may present itself, too. Expressing your appreciation inspires love on Saturday. Verbalizing your feelings accelerates romance on Sunday.

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