Your LOVECAST™: Channel Your Energy In the Bedroom

Don’t stress, the week will improve lovewise as it goes on… the quarter Moon on Wednesday amps up energy (chaos) so channel it in the bedroom from Thursday on. That way you can look forward to a sexy (wild?) weekend.

Week of July 7 – 13, 2008

Cancer: Your feelings may cloud your judgment on Monday, so seek objectivity. Entertaining at home can show off your style on Tuesday. Wednesday is fun but somewhat chaotic and emotional. Show off your insightfulness on Wednesday. Passion skyrockets on Friday and Saturday, so plan a sexy rendezvous! A clash between commitment and freedom may arise on Sunday.

Leo: The urge to spend impulsively may overtake you on Monday. Revealing your feelings heightens romance on Tuesday. A trip for two would be nice, too. Flirting and other communications escalate on Wednesday. Love is passionate but complicated on Thursday. Lust skyrockets on Friday, if willfulness doesn’t get in the way! Love and adventure mix on Sunday.

Virgo: You’re antsy for a change on Monday. Use your artistry (in the bedroom?) to heighten lust on Tuesday. Love and passion mix nicely on Wednesday. Focus on career and moneymaking objectives on Thursday. Flirting turns hot on Friday. Romance can be found while traveling on Saturday. You’re self-critical on Sunday, so lighten up!

Libra: Watch out for self-sabotaging behavior on Monday. You’re a magnet for romance on Tuesday. Feelings escalate on Wednesday, so express what’s in your heart. Love seems irrational – even chaotic – on Thursday, so stay centered. Your inner sex god or goddess comes out to play on Friday and Saturday! Spend time with a good friend on Sunday.

Scorpio: Socializing may turn weird on Monday. Love blooms in a serene, intimate environment on Tuesday and Wednesday. Romance may come from afar or with someone from another culture on Thursday. Your mystique attracts a romantic tryst on Friday or Saturday, when sexy spontaneity heightens passion. A friend may need your help on Sunday.

Sagittarius: Work may be chaotic on Monday. Socializing can bring a romantic prospect on Tuesday. Activities with friends or a group project are energized on Wednesday. A clash of wills can upset love on Thursday. A quiet, sensual ambiance heightens lust on Friday and Saturday! Your need for freedom clashes with love on Sunday.

Capricorn: The urge to shock others into seeing your point of view arises on Monday. Your way with words draws others to you on Tuesday. Career projects are energized on Wednesday. Your focus is divided between work and romance on Thursday. Your sensual side takes over on Friday. Twosome energy skyrockets on Saturday! Sunday is complicated.

Aquarius: Logic and feelings clash on Monday. A cultural event or class can bring romance on Tuesday. The urge on Wednesday or Thursday to explore a faraway place or culture can result in some intriguing contacts. Access your deeper feelings to heighten romance on Friday and Saturday. Friends may bring a romantic opportunity on Sunday.

Pisces: Your partner surprises (shocks?) you on Monday. Intimacy is divine on Tuesday. A spontaneous encounter delights you on Wednesday. Romance escalates out of control on Thursday. Express your creativity to make romance bloom on Friday, when your magnetism soars. Saturday is lusty! Your partner may get demanding on Sunday.

Aries: A contretemps with a coworker (or some other problem) may arise at work on Monday. Romance is sweet on Tuesday and escalates with high energy on Wednesday! Passion is steamy on Thursday if you don’t get pushy. Intimacy deepens on Saturday and may include a nice surprise. Sunday is fun but work or responsibility is on your mind, too.

Taurus: Romance gets a jolt of electricity that may prompt a change on Monday. Flirting at work or during an afterhours gathering heightens your sex appeal on Tuesday or Wednesday. Commitment is the focus on Thursday. Plan an intimate affair on Friday (or seek out a compatible partner). Saturday is sizzling! Romance is unpredictable on Sunday.

Gemini: A change of plans at work may throw you off balance on Monday. Your creativity heightens romance on Tuesday. Be generous in expressing your feelings on Wednesday. Home is the focus on Thursday, but argumentativeness can upset love. Your instincts take over on Friday and Saturday! Love flows on Sunday, but commitment or responsibility may pose a challenge.

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