Your LOVECAST™: Quiet Intensity

Love smolders with quiet intensity during the Dark Moon on Saturday. Monday’s New Moon in Taurus heats up sensual encounters.

Week of May 3 -9, 2008

Taurus: Hidden desires come out to play on Saturday! Your soulfulness and sensuality make love sizzle on Sunday. Monday’s New Moon in Taurus brings a new personal cycle, so take some steps to go for your dreams. An unusual moneymaking idea may present itself on Tuesday or Wednesday. Use your way with words to rev up romance on Thursday and Friday.

Gemini: Socializing soars on Saturday, when talk may turn serious. Slow down to enjoy love on Sunday. The New Moon on Monday is perfect for a cozy rendezvous with your honey. Your intuition is awakened too. Your charisma soars on Tuesday. You’re antsy for action (and a change) on Wednesday! Your humor draws admirers on Thursday and Friday.

Cancer: Passion is out of control on Saturday! Socializing with friends may bring a romantic tryst on Sunday. Socializing soars after Monday’s New Moon, which brings in new friends. Someone from your past may contact you out of the blue on Tuesday or Wednesday. Romance blooms on Thursday. Your magnetism attracts admirers on Friday.

Leo: Romance may bloom from afar or during a trip on Saturday. Thoughtfulness makes romance soar on Sunday. The New Moon on Monday brings a new career cycle, so focus on your goals. Networking can bring opportunities on Tuesday. Socializing brings a surprise on Wednesday. A homey rendezvous makes passion percolate on Thursday and Friday.

Virgo: You’re antsy for passion on Saturday! An intimate tryst in a serene locale brings joy on Sunday. Monday’s New Moon brings a travel cycle and the urge to learn something new. Your brilliance shines at work on Tuesday and Wednesday, so share your ideas. Emotions flow on Thursday. Friends bring you adventure and insights on Friday.

Libra: Passion carries you away on Saturday! Love may turn out to be the real thing on Sunday. The sensual New Moon on Monday deepens intimacy. It also encourages dealing with debt. A communication from afar proves intriguing on Tuesday. A sudden insight about your future comes to you on Wednesday. Promote your career projects on Thursday and Friday.

Scorpio: You’re feeling lusty on Saturday! Your ability to attract a partner (or deepen an existing love) soars on Sunday. Also, Monday’s New Moon is all about partnership activities, so think in terms of two. Naughty talk makes passion sizzle on Tuesday. Surprise your sweetie in the boudoir on Wednesday. Your intuition soars on Thursday. Love may come from afar on Friday.

Sagittarius: Romance takes you on a wild ride on Saturday. Love touches your heart on Sunday, if you stay still. The New Moon on Monday brings out your practical side and heralds a new cycle of health and work activities. Have a heart-to-heart talk with your partner on Tuesday. Wednesday is chaotic. Access your deeper feelings to heighten passion on Thursday and Friday.

Capricorn: Irritation can fuel desire on Saturday. Creativity and commitment make romance simmer on Sunday. Monday’s sexy New Moon revs up romance and energizes your creativity. Promote your ideas at work on Tuesday. A surprise may be awaiting you at work on Wednesday. Romance flows on Thursday. A breakthrough in your relationship is likely on Friday.

Aquarius: Your way with words makes flirting fun on Saturday. Love is slow and instinctual on Sunday. The New Moon on Monday brings increases home-decorating skills and encourages entertaining friends and family. Flirting gets results on Tuesday. You’re needing freedom or a change on Wednesday. Thursday is emotional. Follow your intuition about love on Friday.

Pisces: An appreciative gesture makes passion sizzle on Saturday. A soul-to-soul connection is possible on Sunday. Monday’s New Moon brings opportunities through communications (online flirting?). Talk soars in the family arena on Tuesday. You may be considering a change in your home on Wednesday. Love brings delight on Thursday. Your creativity heightens romance on Friday.

Aries: You’re hot for an adventure on Saturday! Express your appreciation to your beloved on Sunday. Get physical during Monday’s New Moon. Look for moneymaking opportunities too. Flirting brings out your wild side on Tuesday and Wednesday (be careful while traveling on Wednesday too). Entertaining at home brings delight on Thursday or Friday.

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