Weekly Love Horoscope: Lively or Contentious?

Socializing is Unpredictable

High spirits energize romance this week! Conversations can get lively or contentious after Mercury transits into Aries on Monday (through April 4). Cosmic energies escalate around the time of Wednesday’s Full Moon lunar eclipse in Libra, the sign of relating. Just be mindful that the eclipse can make socializing unpredictable. Toward the weekend, Venus afflictions will rattle romance on Friday, while Moon in Scorpio intensifies interactions on Saturday and Sunday. Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Here is your Love Horoscope!

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Aries Love Horoscope

Mercury traveling through your sign will fire up your ability to express yourself. You’ll be a magnet for people who admire your razor-sharp intellect, but you’ll need to add some sensitivity if you want to inspire love. The Full Moon eclipse in Libra will energize (and likely irritate) your closest relationship. If you’re solo, a new relationship can get off to a rocky start before you start to feel the love.

Taurus Love Horoscope

During Mercury in Aries, analyzing your past relationships will bring insights that help you release negative beliefs that hinder love (and other areas). You may hear from someone you haven’t spoken to for some time. Small gestures of love and appreciation will inspire romance around the time of the Full Moon eclipse in Libra. You may meet someone special during a helpful or healthy activity.

Gemini Love Horoscope

You’ll be motivated to plan activities with your friends during Mercury in Aries. There will be lots of lively discussions while socializing and your ideas will shine in a group setting. The Full Moon eclipse in Libra lands squarely in your romance zone. Your playfulness and creativity will draw admirers, but romance will be unpredictable. Relying on your adaptable nature and talent for communicating will help you stay centered.

Cancer Love Horoscope

Your words will take on authority during Mercury in Aries, which will motivate you to share your ideas in a professional setting. The Full Moon eclipse in Libra will be much more personal because it focuses on your home life. Things can get chaotic at home, so strive to keep your plans somewhat flexible if you host a party, engage in an activity with your family or do any remodeling.

Leo Love Horoscope

Mercury transiting through Aries will help you see the bigger picture of where your love life (and other areas) are headed. You’ll be curious about other cultures, and a contact from afar may inspire some stimulating conversations. The Full Moon eclipse in Libra will energize your communications, but it can also throw a curveball that disrupts your plans. Romance can be found online or during a trip.

Virgo Love Horoscope

Conversations about sex, healing and the afterlife will fascinate you during Mercury in Aries. You’ll also be motivated to talk about emotional issues that hinder your relationships. The Full Moon eclipse in Libra will intensify your feelings, beliefs and concerns involving money. A discussion with your partner about money can turn heated, so strive to wait until next week to bring up the subject.

Libra Love Horoscope

Mercury transiting through Aries will energize conversations with your significant other, business partner or a close friend. The sharing of ideas can bring some interesting insights about the relationship, especially about commitment and sharing. The Full Moon eclipse in your sign will intensify your emotional reactions, which will be great in the bedroom but can make it hard to handle problems. A dose of objectivity will help you stay on track.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Accomplishing mundane tasks and handling the challenges of everyday life will be the focus of Mercury in Aries. The Full Moon eclipse in Libra can be much more romantic! You won’t be in the mood for partying, so think serene and intimate when planning a date. A bit of downtime with a lover or friend will bring satisfaction. Someone from your past will be on your mind too.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Sharing your humor, wisdom or knowledge will make you irresistible during Mercury in Aries. You can meet interesting people (and perhaps a potential paramour!) via an online source or through your contacts. The Full Moon eclipse in Libra will energize activities with your friends, although one of your plans may go awry. Sharing your ideas in a group setting will bring admirers.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Conversations with your family will stimulate or irritate you as Mercury transits through Aries. The lively exchange of ideas will enhance a friendly gathering if you decide to host a party. You’ll be focused on your career around the time of the Full Moon eclipse in Libra, making it difficult to get in the mood for romance. Still, it’s possible to meet someone special through a work-related activity.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

Mercury transiting through Aries will inspire you to share your ideas. Your curiosity will lead you to new situations, which in turn will introduce you to potential friends and admirers. The Full Moon eclipse in Libra will motivate you to acquire knowledge or focus on your spiritual life. Romance can be found during a spiritual activity, class or cultural event. A psychic dream or hunch will guide you.

Pisces Love Horoscope

Money will be on your mind during Mercury in Aries. Talking about moneymaking avenues can bring an idea you can capitalize on. Your increased clarity favors discussing your finances with your partner. The Full Moon eclipse in Libra can awaken the urge to merge with someone who touches your deepest emotions. The intensity of this influence can also trigger an emotional issue or the need to recharge your inner resources.

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