Your Weekend Horoscope: Muscling Your Way Through

The Warrior vs. the Guard

The weekend begins on an intense note as Venus clashes with potent Pluto. Romance may be tinged with jealousy, obsessiveness, and a push to show your partner who is wearing the pants in your partnership. Having things your way could mean wrecking your relationship, so try to keep your desires in check. Even a casual romance could get crazy. The hits keep on coming as the Moon and mighty Mars oppose stern Saturn. This is the fired-up warrior challenging the stuffy, old guard. Will you muscle your way through old-fashioned rules and restrictions? Or will you have to play by the book? Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that you’re pretty intent on doing things your way even if it causes problems between you and your boss, a parent, or another heavyweight figure in your world. It’s no secret that you have a problem with authority. You hate being told what to do and you often take refusal or rejection as an invitation to fight. You can shout and make a scene, but it won’t change the rules nor convince someone to bend them for you. Be careful not to behave in a way that will put your reputation at risk.


Obsessing over a complicated romance with someone who is emotionally or physically distant could drive you over the edge. You can’t control a situation with someone who doesn’t make him or herself available to engage. And if the other person is asking you to keep your involvement on the down low, you should be looking into what they are trying to hide. Out of frustration, you might indulge yourself with a manic spending spree. Slow down, Taurus, and curb your appetite for destruction. Spending more than you can afford will certainly make matters worse. Take a few deep breaths and do your best to defuse a volatile situation.


It won’t take much to get you going with the Moon meeting motivator Mars in your sign. You’re very happy about your weekend plans and you’re ready to go! It’s all well and good until someone hits you with a list of rules and requirements instead of clearing you for take off. It might be your mate, a friend, or an authoritative stranger who steps in and slows your roll. If you want to do your thing, you have to be willing to pay the piper. You can be certain that whoever is opposing you wants more from you than you’re currently giving.


Even though you’re doing your best to keep your emotions in check, you have to admit you’re feeling pretty annoyed. Bottling up your anger and frustration can create stress and set you up for a sleepless night, so you had better find a way to vent your feelings. You might be keeping quiet because you’re afraid that an outburst could damage your reputation or put an important relationship at risk. That is a possibility. However, it’s more of a probability that not confronting this issue will have a negative impact on your well-being and subject you to unnecessary stress.


Once you’re interested in an idea or concept, you go all in. It can be extremely difficult for you to understand why other people aren’t as excited as you are, especially in the workplace. It’s because your passion is a singular experience and not necessarily something shareable. Trying to force coworkers to adapt to your view is a mistake, especially if your enthusiasm comes across as pushiness. Similarly, an aggressive friend might attempt to force your hand on a certain matter. You’ve faced bullying before, and that should be enough to prevent you from getting pushy with others.


A showdown with an angry boss, parent, or another imposing figure could trigger your deepest insecurities. Suddenly, you start questioning whether you’re good enough and whether you have what it takes to live up to this person’s expectations. The problem isn’t necessarily the other person’s behavior, but how you allow it to affect you. A minor kerfuffle shouldn’t make you doubt your self-worth. When you feel insecure, you crave acceptance. It could be tempting to look to a romantic interest to validate your desirability. However, people can smell desperation a mile away. You need to get your mojo back before you make it your mission to get lucky.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that the energy behind a current relationship drama might be reminiscent of a scenario that played out in your childhood home. Any feelings of obsession, possessiveness, or jealousy you’re experiencing are probably connected to an earlier event. Even if you’re aware of all of this, you could still find it hard to control your behavior. That shouldn’t be an excuse to indulge your worst tendencies. However, it should be an invitation to be more conscious about your actions. There is no point confronting your significant other; you need to take a moment to deal with your own issues.


Whether you’re attending to tasks at work or at home, you have your own special strategy for getting things done and you want everyone to do things your way. You can get pretty vocal when someone tries to deviate from your plan. When you voice your opposition, you’re a lot more intense than you think. Curb the urge to be controlling. You can’t afford to act like a tyrant, especially when you’re in need of help. People are less likely to go along with your program if they feel that you’re being too demanding.


Your mate, a business colleague or close friend might believe that you will do his or her bidding if they get cranky and cause a scene, but it’s only because he or she doesn’t realize how stubborn you can be. Emotional hijinks won’t push you to make a move in a situation before you’re ready to act. This could increase the hysteria, but you won’t be moved. As a distraction, you might drop a load of cash on a lavish date or an extravagant outing. This will merely be a Band-Aid on a big, gaping wound.


Status is important to you and you desire a lifestyle that reflects your accomplishments. Naturally, you want your home to be a showcase of all that you have attained. There is nothing wrong with wanting to live large, but you should be careful not to equate your self-worth with material gain. Your employment situation is a little crazy right now and you don’t want to increase your stress by adding financial worries to the mix. you’re capable of handling a lot, but you need to know when you’re approaching the limits of what you can deal with.


Your Weekend Horoscope warns you against giving voice to jealousy or obsessiveness. Crazy or paranoid notions are best kept to yourself and certainly not spoken aloud. It might feel like a relief to speak your mind, but this can cause more harm than good. It’s hard to keep quiet when you feel so fired up. Keep your long-term relationship goals in mind before you say something that could totally obliterate your future. You might have valid concerns that deserve to be addressed, but it isn’t in your best interest to express them when your emotions are so out of control.


You might be feeling frustrated and angry about a situation involving family members or a scenario playing out at home. The demands of your professional life only add more fuel to the fire. Examine whether or not your long-term goals have become too ambitious. There is a good chance that outsize dreams are compromising the rhythm of your daily life. It has been said that you can have everything, but the truth is that you often have to give up something in order to get what you want. Therefore, consider how your choices will impact your happiness over the long run.

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  1. DLD

    I am feeling optimistic on my financial situation after a lull earlier this year will my financial status continue to get better?
    Confused about relationship issues. In a triangle what do I do. Man who can financially care for me but platonic relationship. Or man that I feel so passionate with ?


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