Weekend Horoscope: Tall Tales and Big Promises

Tall Tales and Big Promises

More Than You Can Deliver?

The vibe is pushy and over the top as two planetary battles stir up tension. Chatty Mercury, at odds with optimistic Jupiter, may have you spinning tall tales and promising more than you can deliver, while a battle between aggressive Mars and power-hungry Pluto brings competition and conflict. Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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Your ruler, Mars, at odds with potent Pluto, could stir up trouble between you and a partner, boss, or authority figure. Be careful not to get in over your head by promising to do something that you are not in a position to follow through on.


Your ruler, Venus, entering your partnership zone, supports you in taking a casual romance to the next level. Be careful that your expectations are not so high that you fail to realize a good thing when you see it. Ignore the evidence of the senses and listen to your heart instead.


Your ruler, Mercury, at odds with optimistic Jupiter, has you planning and plotting major changes for your home and family life. You might need someone’s help in order to pull off your project and certain people might not be as reliable as you think. Have a plan B just in case.


Mars, at odds with Pluto, creates power struggles between you and your significant other, a roommate, or a family member. Someone wants to take control on the home front. Whether you’re the one bossing others or being bossed, be aware that there is a deeper issue at play.


There are a lot of fun things you want to do. Instead of choosing one, you’ll probably try to do everything. You might have the time, but you may not have the money. If you’re not careful, your good time will be costly.


Your ruler, Mercury, at odds with enthusiastic Jupiter, could invite false confidence, especially when you take the blind praise of a loved one to heart. For some people, you can do no wrong. However, in the world outside of your inner circle you will need to prove your worth.


Your ruler, Venus, entering your financial sector, may attract delightful new ways to make money in the weeks ahead. However, your desire for the finer things in life could also cause your bank account to dwindle. Honor your earnings by spending wisely and saving a little for a rainy day.


Your ruler, Pluto, at odds with aggressive Mars, could make you lose your cool when you are prevented from doing what you want to do. You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Venus moving into your sign increases your charm, so use it to get your way.


Your ruler, Jupiter, clashing with Mercury in your sign, could have you telling others more than they need to know about a professional matter. Similarly, you could promise someone more than you can deliver. Don’t let your enthusiasm get the best of you and set you up for failure.


You won’t take kindly to someone challenging your authority. In an attempt to defend yourself, you might be tempted to spill a secret or to say something that you are better off keeping to yourself. If you are truly confident then you won’t lose your cool.


Venus, moving into your career zone, can raise your professional status in the weeks ahead. However, it’s your style that is attracting attention and not necessarily your skills. Nevertheless, you can use your charm to make the connections that can help you take your career to the next level.


You might talk the ear off your significant other or best friend. It is likely that you are going on about your reputation and accomplishments. Be careful not to make the conversation all about you, as this could create tension and conflict.

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