Venus Retrograde: Look Back, Let Go, Reach High

Reflection and Review

We often hear people grumbling about Mercury retrograde, but we don’t hear much about Venus retrograde. Partially, that’s because it’s far less frequent. Mercury goes retrograde roughly three times per year. However, it takes more than one-and-one-half years for Venus to go retrograde. Also, far less is understood about the meaning of Venus retrograde.

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Retrograde Periods

In the case of both planets, retrograde periods require reflection and review of relationships and events in the past. With Mercury as the planet of communication and travel, that can sometimes be frustrating if you have a high-demand schedule.

Your Core Values

But this Venus retrograde period from March 6 to April 15 will be intense, and you’ll likely find yourself making choices regarding what and who really matter to you. Venus is not only about love and money, it’s about your core values and that has real power.

Second Thoughts

This cycle takes place in Aries, with Venus traveling back to late Pisces. You may have second thoughts about a relationship, an investment or other commitments, particularly one made in late January through February. Or you may simply decide to go after what really matters in you in life. Each sign has areas of life to examine. Will you break free and reach for your dreams?


This Venus retrograde takes place when the planet gets close to the middle of your sign, following lover Mars in the sky—your sign ruler. Then Venus suddenly appears to pivot and rethink the situation. You have an opportunity to decide what relationships you really want. They may be romantic, business, financial or even political or spiritual. You’ll find new power through this process.


Venus is your sign ruler, so you experience the retrograde periods in a fundamental way. You’re examining what matters to you most and you’re feeling somewhat private about it, because it includes memories you carry. However, you’ll be feeling ready to come out of this in mid-May. If you haven’t made a final decision about love or money, relax and give yourself until October to decide.


You’re feeling positive about creative efforts during this time, especially if they’re tied to romance or a special ideal. Be patient with others who are working through confusion and worries at work. They can become helpful. There’s a good chance that you can finish your efforts around the end of April.


Career issues and parents demand your attention this month. Sorting through these events and feelings opens the door for you to pursue your dreams. These opportunities will become clearer around the end of the month. Your passions are strong, so use them for self-motivation once you’re clear about your personal mission.


This is a time for self-reflection regarding your spiritual core. The powerful passion that drives you deserves a review. Then decide where you want it to take you. Travel and studies will serve you well so find a place or subject that’s compelling. Your thoughts certainly go deep in April, and then you’ll feel free to move ahead.


This is an oddly intense Venus retrograde for you. You’re feeling passionate about everything you want to be in life, and what you value. Venus takes you back through those issues and past relationships. Once you finish this process you’ll start moving forward—probably in late spring.


Your ruler Venus, as it backtracks, has you considering all of your relationships. You know you have a lot going on these days and you’re beginning to notice where you’ve given too much, whether that’s at work or in your love life. October brings interesting new opportunities in both these areas.


Work and health demand your focus during this Venus retrograde period. Finances require serious review, but this just might be your opportunity for that creative effort you’ve been pursuing for some time. Being alert to what’s happening behind the scenes will serve you well.


You’re Venus retrograde experience is about who and what you love. That can be artistic efforts, athletic pursuits, lovers or children. You’ll be reviewing these areas of your life in some form. Mid-April brings some challenges to finish old obligations and then you’re free to move on.


Your home and family members require your thoughtful attention. Work with and through whatever feelings and dreams you may have about your home life, whether it’s finding a beautiful new home or working to understand someone you love. Communications will certainly be a little clearer in late April.


Share your needs for innovation, livelihood and passion. All of these issues need an overhauled view in your life. Words matter, so use them with care, but also with your usual enthusiasm. Finances will be important in April. Friends and social outlets for your work serve you well.

Venus is exalted in your sign—meaning she’s happy, and in mid-April she’s heading back for one more visit during this Venus retrograde period. In the meantime, finances and your personal values are essential to your personal review. You rather enjoy reaching out to your dreams, and this period brings those opportunities about.

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