Venus Enters Scorpio

Winter is nearly upon us and it’s time to heat things up between the sheets, compliments of Venus transiting into Scorpio. From November 7-30, as the planet of love teams up with the sign of sex, you may find your naughty side coming out to play at the most surprising (inconvenient?) moments. Appropriateness aside, why not take advantage of this salaciousness and have some fun?

Read your Sun and ascendant signs below to discover ways to set your love life ablaze.

Scorpio: You’re simply irresistible as Venus transits through your sign. Even the most reticent of Scorpions will want to express their heart to those they love. That expressiveness will naturally carry over into the boudoir, so focus on connecting — body, mind, heart and soul — with your sweetie. If you’re solo, you’ll likely attract a potential lover, or at least someone who becomes a great friend.

Sagittarius: Secret desires simmer in your psyche during Venus in Scorpio. It’s up to you whether you let them out to play. If you’re involved, sharing your inner life, including a fantasy or two, can energize your relationship. A peaceful, romantic locale will inspire love, too. If you’re solo, romance may come through a friend or activity from the past.

Capricorn: Socializing escalates during Venus in Scorpio, when activities with friends and groups will attract/inspire romance. If you’re involved, a project shared with your partner (and others) can bring you closer together. Discussing your hopes and dreams will reawaken your connection as well. If you’re solo, look for romance during community activities and friendly gatherings.

Aquarius: Venus in Scorpio can bring not only a career opportunity, but a romantic interlude as well. If you’re involved, shared work can deepen your tie. It’s time to discuss your goals and take some steps together to make them happen. If you’re solo, networking with colleagues can bring in someone special. Look for romance during career-related activities, too.

Pisces: Your vision of what love can be will be broadened as Venus travels through Scorpio. Your intuition will be especially strong, too. If you’re attached, an exotic locale, taking a class together and sharing your dreams for the future will energize your relationship. If you’re solo, romance can be found from afar or during a spiritual gathering or class.

Aries: Romance grows deeper and more complicated during Venus in Scorpio. You’re hot for a sexy tryst (or two or three!), but love may have its own timing. As such, try to let go of control — and secrecy and jealousy, too — and let your feelings flow. Then you can enjoy being swept away by love’s intensity.

Taurus: Venus transiting through your partnership sector is the perfect time to rev up the romance with your sweetie. Heart energy is swirling around you, so use your considerable sensuality to inspire a deeper love/lust connection. If you’re solo, Venus will heighten your chances of meeting someone fabulous, so get out there and socialize!

Gemini: Your brain may go on hiatus as Venus in Scorpio brings out your instincts. A mind-to-mind connection is a necessity for you, we know, but now you’ll be challenged to create a deeper emotional connection by sharing your desires, needs and aspirations. If you’re solo, look for romance during a work project or activity that helps those in need.

Cancer: Your magnetism skyrockets as Venus in Scorpio lands squarely in your romance sector. If you’re involved, use your heightened creativity, both in and out of the boudoir, to intensify the energy between you. If you’re solo, focus on attracting someone who truly aligns with your heart. And remember: tapping into the power of love empowers you!

Leo: Venus in Scorpio will inspire you to create an enticing ambiance, complete with logs blazing in the fireplace, for a cozy rendezvous. Just the ticket for heating up your love life. But watch out for willfulness, which can derail love temporarily. If you’re solo, romance may come through a family activity or through someone close to your home.

Virgo: Virgins may find themselves throwing restraint out the window as Venus in Scorpio inspires some naughty flirting — an effective tool in producing romantic interludes. But don’t stop with being wicked — sharing your insightfulness and expertise (in the boudoir?) will make you irresistible as well. So reveal your brainpower and watch as romance lands in your lap.

Libra: Normally balanced Libras may feel the scales of love tipping toward lust as their Venus ruler travels through passionate Scorpio. It’s time to delve into love’s tumultuous waters to experience the highs and lows of passion. If you opt for higher ground, focus on attracting/inspiring romance though heartfelt words and gestures that express your values, hopes and aspirations.

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