A Valentine’s Day Moon and More

Valentines Day Moon

Valentine’s Day and the Capricorn Moon

Valentine’s Day falls under the spell of the sexy and funny Capricorn Moon this year. The moon rules our daily emotions, and even though it only spends a couple of days in each sign every month, it colors each day with its own hue and its own flavor. With Capricorn helping us along on St. Valentine’s Day, we can all expect to be more grounded than usual, more assertive and more willing to get physical. A Capricorn lunar influence on Valentine’s Day can bring you to the summit of your physical experience.

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Ruled by the Sea Goat

Most people think that Capricorn is simply the sign of the goat, but in all actuality, it is the sign ruled by the Sea Goat—the one and only sign that can conquer land and water. The Sea Goat can climb any mountain and swim any ocean, so our emotions are more likely to conquer greater heights and seek greater depths than usual on Valentine’s Day this year.

Pluto and Mercury Retrograde

Pluto being a part of the mix doesn’t hurt either because when the moon meets up with the planet of destiny, anything can happen. A lot of you may be bah-humbugging this year’s Valentine’s Day because it falls on the heels of a Mercury Retrograde, but this time frame, just past the retrograde influence, is perfect for moving forward and leaving the past behind. This will be especially true since the moon is waning and prepping for it’s renewed phase. It’s a perfect time for deleting unwanted habits and starting new cycles grounded in reality.

Getting Grounded

Days which fall under the influence of the Capricorn Moon require us to be grounded, so if you’re nervous about your Valentine’s Day plans or feeling like those butterflies inside you are flapping around just a little too much, you can easily settle your nerves (get grounded that is) by eating foods grown underground, like carrots, beets or potatoes.

Gifts and Plans

Wondering what to get your sweetheart? Capricorn likes humor, so goofy cards that make fun of Valentine’s Day and remind us not to take things too seriously should be a hit. And what about your dinner reservations? If they were made during Mercury Retrograde (January 21 – February 11), it would be wise to double-check them and the rest of your plans for that matter.

Your Humor, Your Saving Grace

Your saving grace, however, on this lover’s holiday, will be your sense of humor. Sometimes Capricorn pushes us to our limits, so if the restaurant is overbooked or traffic is horrible, keep a joke handy and remember that there’s probably a romantic reason you’re stuck in that car together or why the restaurant hostess is way behind schedule. Try to have fun with it and make each other laugh—the universe is always unfolding as it should. Oh, and be careful not to wear anything too terribly tight! The Capricorn Moon loves to be comfortable and ready for anything. Feng Shui tip: Wear Pink (it doesn’t even have to show) to enhance your romantic aura and attract more love than usual.

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