Use Your Sun Sign to Cope With Empty-Nest Syndrome

Cope With Empty-Nest Syndrome

How to Enjoy the Adult They’ve Become

How many times have you found yourself in the midst of a challenging moment with your child, wondering how they’re growing so fast, and dreading the day when they reach adulthood and flee your nest for good? When that day finally arrives, they’re just beyond your arms, but not your heart. It’s a frightening time for any parent.

In order to cope, remind yourself of how much you’ve done to support their success and even though they’ve left your nest empty, you’ll continue to support them. This new experience has its moments—some sloppy, some wonderful, but also teachable. If you’re experiencing empty-nest syndrome now, your sun sign can definitely play a part in helping you cope. Here is how to handle your child’s next stage in life.

Plan high-energy activities to fill your empty nest. You’ve been a fun and exciting parent and will continue to be just that—only in a different way. You’ll adjust and adapt, and soon you’ll enjoy more personal freedom. At the same time you’ll love watching that new adult in your life grow.

Letting go of someone you love is tough. You adore the comfortable feeling of sharing affection with your child and knowing where they are. Watching them grow has been a highlight of your life. Remind yourself that you still get to watch them evolve and expand their worldand you’ll be so proud.

You keep remembering those special conversations and everyday things that you enjoyed with your childthe trips to school, shopping, or a fun meal when you couldn’t stop laughing at what they said. Remember, your child’s unique wit was something you nurtured, and they’ll want to talk or text as much as you, once they’re settled in.

You are such a devoted parent. Your attachment is deeply emotional. Your intuitive sense of your child’s needs seldom fails you, and it won’t in the future, no matter the distance. Don’t overwhelm yourself with worry. You gave them a loving foundation, and you’ll continue to be the proud parent of a budding adult.

You treasure your child and have always supported their reaching their full sense of self-expression. You’re the master of nurturing their talents and unique qualities. As youthful as your style is, you’re now looking at their life as the older generation with a different point of view. Stay open to enjoy their interpretation of what they’ve learned from you.

You are deeply invested in your child’s future. You want everything in life to be perfect for them, but realize that isn’t possible. Now that they’re more independent, it’s time to relax. It’s hard, but they have to start fixing what they break. Remember that you’ve trained them well and be proud, no matter how things look at the moment.

You want a sweet, perfect life for your child, without heartbreak or tears, even though you’ve both experienced them already. You know that life offers joy and love too. You empathize at every turn with your new adult. Relax and know that there will always be a balance in life, including so much joy and love.

You’re quietly letting go of your child, and it isn’t easy. You know the demands on their sensitive psyche in the world of reality, because you’ve lived it. You’re also a realist and know that they’re on their own, as everyone is. It’s best to watch them launch their dreams while you offer your very powerful support.

You understand your child’s need for freedom and exploration at the core of your soul, but it’s still not fun or comfortable. You know how challenging life can become when you lead the charge, and your child learned that behavior from you. You’ll be there to support them—win or lose—and ultimately all will go well.

You only want the best for your child, and you’ve built a solid foundation (education, ethics and the realities of life) for them to soar. You’ve had trouble expressing exactly how you feel, but your child will understand how quietly you’ve given to them and how deeply you love them.

You know that your child is a collaborative, creative effort between you, the world, and most importantly, that independent soul you produced. You feel responsible, yet you release your offspring, as painful as it is. As you look forward and experience your child’s successes, applaud yourself for your amazing guidance.

You adore your child in such a way that there are no words, but you’ll do your best to find them. This person is a part of your heart and soul and that will never change. You’ll see them soar to heights you didn’t think possible while you fear for their safety at every turn. Sit back and enjoy this beautiful soul you brought into this world. You deserve it.

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