The Moon and You

Everyone knows their Sun Sign, but the location of the Moon at the time you were born has just as big an impact on your personality as does the Sun. It’s just a quieter, more personal one! The Moon is linked to moody Cancer – so it follows that your Moon Sign has to do with your emotions. It indicates your inner life, your reactions to the world around you – and your sensitive side. Many people find that they identify with their Moon Signs as much as they do with their Sun Signs, because while the Sun reminds us how we present ourselves to the world, the Moon tells us about our feelings. It shows us what we are at our deepest core.

One thought on “The Moon and You

  1. Allison

    My moon is in Gemini and am curious as to how Gemini affects my emotions. My triad is: Sun in Pisces, Ascendant in Sagittarius and of course Moon in Gemini. Could I get any feedback on this. Any would be appreciated. Thanks!


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