Sun to Libra

Today the sun moves from virtuous (ahem) Virgo into balanced (ahem, again) Libra. Good-natured and adaptable by nature, people born under Libra rarely like to be alone… so much so that they always seem to be in a relationship! That’s because while Libra is known for balance (their sign is represented by the scales), it’s often Libra’s life-long quest to find it. In other words, these sometimes volatile, yet almost always well-intentioned individuals seek truth, beauty and love – in an effort to find the yin to their yang (or vice versa). You might say that at our best, there is a little bit of Libra deep down in all of us.

One thought on “Sun to Libra

  1. sherri Grillo

    i truly believe this one!!! i do not like to be alone ! 2 months after my husband died after being together for 24 years I was in another relationship and we have been together for almost 2 years. I love him dearly but yes I do still miss my husband!!!! the anniversary of his death 2 years ago was this past week and that day ( the day after christmas) just passed and that day was hard also.!!! Longevity of relationships must also be in the sign of Libra because all of the relationships since I first started dating have lasted a long time and I remember them all fondly!!!!!!!!!! I just felt like telling someone about this, sorry for rambling on & on. with all my best, Sherri


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