So You Wanna Date an Aquarius?

The creative intelligence of the Aquarius is bound to captivate and inspire in a dating relationship or even in bed. Think originality and free spirited. Thinking of making a date with a Water Bearer? It’s hardly surprising that you’ve got one on the brain – the creative intelligence of Aquarians is bound to captivate and inspire. But if simple and straightforward spell a good time for you, turn back now! The Aquarian soul is steeped in originality and contradiction. Read on to discover if this spirited free spirit is for you.

Aquarius in mind
Often mistaken for their watery cousins, Aquarius is actually an air sign. And much like the winds bring a dreamy drizzle or a torrential downpour, they have the ability to dazzle or decimate with that powerful intellect.

That’s not to say you should avoid a good debate. The Water Bearer is not only charmingly inquisitive, they are committed to being fair-minded and are notoriously tolerant of different viewpoints. Occasionally, however, their powerful conviction will get the best of them despite their best efforts to be objective. Should you wind up on the wrong side of an argument, watch out! Those persuasive powers are a force of nature, and you could find yourself back-peddling before you get a word in! Fortunately, the Aquarian reverence for truth means they have the admirable ability to admit wrong… but only when it’s been adequately proved.

Aquarius in action
Even if they’re not brainiacs, Aquarians tend to be cerebral and analytical. Yet they are likely to harbor a strong artistic streak, maybe even to the extent of eccentricity. They might be an accountant by trade, but don’t be surprised to find them an avid painter or amateur film-maker. That could mean hours of stimulating conversation about the arts, but probably doesn’t presuppose artistic corroboration. Aquarians are not always eager to share their work. Vulnerability is difficult for this independent sign, and the sharing of anything personal takes time.

Aquarians are also devoted humanitarians seriously interested in the improvement of the lives of others. But even their people-oriented energies can be a contradiction. Your Aquarian may disappear for hours, days, even years into their latest cause. Make no mistake, they are sincerely compassionate, but their compassion fuels ideas and projects, rather than personal relationships. The way to that Aquarian heart is through their head. If you really want to get close, share an interest in their cause or their heart, and they won’t be able to stay away.

Aquarius in bed
The Water Bearer’s overactive mind never stops churning. While those busy brains are adept at orchestrating an imaginative love life, they can also make for lovers who have trouble letting go of their heads and reveling in their bodies. Be patient when drawing out the Aquarian passion. Foster a safe, yet impulsive atmosphere, and let them know their imagination can roam free.

Aquarius in love
Don’t let that good will fool you. The Aquarian is somewhat out of their element when it comes to emotions. They are wary of intimacy and may sometimes need to retreat. Don’t mistake their distance for disinterest – Aquarians crave space and freedom, and nothing can prompt them to open up before they’re ready.

This one can be slow to warm to you, but once they do, your Aquarius will love you with the same strength of will that fuels their convictions and creative pursuits. Be patient, and you won’t be disappointed.

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18 thoughts on “So You Wanna Date an Aquarius?

  1. Michelle

    My hubby and I are both Aquarians. Met in 1983. Married in 2011. Ya it took awhile. But that’s us! We love our freedom. Even right this minute. He’s in his man cave and I in the living room. I like my space. He’s not creative but he has a brilliant mind. Almost genius. Me I’m the creative one. Even my job is creative and being a true Aquarius I do not like having a boss so therefore I own my business. My moon is Sagittarius and his is Gemini. Our daughter is Gemini and our grandaughter is Sagittarius with Aquarius moon. See the connection here. I do.

  2. Margaret

    I am an Aquarius and so is my husband.
    Some times we clash because he believes he is always right. I just ignore him because it will lead to an arguement.
    I am a people person but he isn’t and that’s alright with me but he doesn’t understand people and wonders why they get annoyed with him.
    We are both creative and we support each other in what ever project we are working on.
    Being able to do what ones heart desires, is a gift and that is what keeps us together for the last 32 yrs.

  3. robin

    I fell deeply in love with an Aquarian 6 years ago but the back and forth dance with this guy is just too much. He could be sweetly devoted one minute and then gone for months! Too confusing and painful IMHO, and then defends his selfish behavior all the time. I wish people wouldn’t come on so strong in the beginning if they have no intention of following that up. Aquarian selfishness is not a pretty trait and it does hurt people no matter now you slice it.

  4. Mika LoPiano

    I have been dating a Taurus man for 3 yrs now, and I became very attached to him, as he pulls away. As a female Aquarius I sometimes felt nauseated around him especially when I realized how selfish he could be. Now I am ready to move out of state, and forget him completely, because of his frequent lies, cheats, and occasional outbursts which I think is disrespectful. My advice if you want an Aquarians, don’t be fouled by their kindness and generosity, and take them for granted, you will regret it.

  5. Gemini

    I’ve been seeing a Aquarius for almost 3years. We still aren’t a couple, but at times I feel like we are. We barely argue, but when we do, it’s either him accusing me of dealing with other men, which I clear up, or of something stupid that only lasts for, literally 10mins lol. After 3years of dealing with someone, you would think, you’ll we’ll have a couple now lol, nope, but I love the challenges & his numerous test, hehehe

    Are “relationship” is weird. As a Gemini, I think I’m more of the problem than he is. He expresses often how distant I am towards him. He confuses me because I thought that, he liked it, this way. He values his freedom & alone time and I respect that, because I’m the same way. Things seem to be heating up more between us now, bcuz he’s sooooo affectionate towards me, he’s opened up more then ever, plus he tells me often how he’s comfortable with me, because was never like this, mind you. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I truly hope, I end up marrying him one day in the future.

  6. Maggie

    I am a water bearer to the T……I am everything this article says and more, BUT I am not a liar, I cannot stand lying actually, there are times u need to omit the truth, but that runs a fine line. I am truly proud of who I am…..but sometimes truly disgusted with who I am, because everyone takes me as a cold hearted b@tch but I am not! And people think I dont need them, but I do, just in my own way and time. I have ended alot of even friendships, over my pride-ful yet ridiculous behaviors of being a water bearer, and truly it hurt, but I am a stingy person when it comes to my time and space……Now I have an amazing Leo in my life, but he totally doesnt understand me….which kills me, because I try so hard to be me a water bearer, but not be so over the top, good thing for him he is sincerely patient and loving, and I say I have finally met my match. I truly hope this article helps him understand me somewhat better, thanks for it!

    1. Leo in love

      Yes that helps me I am developing a relationship with an Aquarius and I am a Leo…it’s complicated, but I was engaged to her a long time ago and have reconnected with her. I am a better and more patient person then I was then and am not as put off threatened or puzzled by Aquarian traits…

  7. shocked

    I have been dating and breaking up with an aquarian cusp capricorn. His birthday is jan. 21/54 and mine also a cusp feb.20/57 I love him dearly but being together is like walking on eggshells all the time. when it is good it is really good and when it is bad its bad. We have been doing this dance for almost four years. Hea had dumped me via text and am shocked and hurt and I think this time its the last time. He seems to run every time he feels me closing in on him and wanting a relationship….

  8. Bamaboo

    I have been dating an aquarian for a long-long time and he has had my back in some serious situations and done many great things in the bed, wining and dining, vacations, extravagant gifts, etc, but he has problems severing previous relationships–not cheating but just too much connections with family members and he is also the biggest liar I have even met–I am confused!!!!

  9. aquarius lady

    i dabble in astrology every so often like a bad habit and addiction but i know everything is not in the stars, but in ourselves.

    i’ve been married 3 x and my 3rd marriage is a happy one. the first two have been natural disasters.
    pisces no. 1 with heavy water planets and a leo rising. a total alcoholic and drug user and repeated jail time offender. the 2nd a crazy literally mentally insane man who disguised so well as a genius, a hard worker and a tragic life of being physically and emotionally abused: an aqua feb man who can scare anyone.
    and now my loving and most devoted gentle scorpio man who i’ve been married for for 20 plus years. we live through the thick and thin until they disappoint you over and over again till your health almost gives out, or almost near death. but we’re loyal to a fault.
    and that could be my fantasy aqua self saying that, repeating what all astrologers would like to say about aquas, or the fact that it all lies within the individual.
    greetings and have a lovely day

  10. alexa

    I am an aquarian and this article is pretty accurate to how we are.

    Us aquarians absolutely love our freedom and we also love to have our own space and have our own “me” time, its not that we are lonely people, its just that we enjoy our own company even if it sounds weird, like I said we like our own space and our own time.

    I personally haven’t been in a lot of relationships because I like to roam freely, I don’t like being tied down. About a year ago I liked this guy and so we started to get to know each other, and when we started going out it totally changed because he was very clingy and needed attention from me 24/7 and I fell really suffocated…so long story short I called it quits after only a week lol I didnt notice how needy he was before we started going out because you know we were only friends..

    my point is, if you are dating an aquarian just be patient, give him/her time, and most importantly give them their space, we sometimes might seem cold or detached at times but dont perceive the wrong impression, we do care a lot about our loved ones and about people, as a matter of fact we are great humanitarians always looking for humanity’s best interest, its just that we may not show our emotions quite often and we are just not naturally attached and needy beings.

    and don’t freak out if your bf/gf goes MIA for a couple of hours or even days, dont think that theyre mad at you or dont want to talk to you, I dont know how to stress it enough but we just love our damn space!

    dont be checking up on your aquarian all the time because this will throw a red flag and feel like they are being suffocated and will eventually make them go away, we are really independent people and like to set our own rules and dont really like to be questioned, so dont make the mistake of checking up on them asking with who, what, where because it is a really big turn off.

    like I said be patient, give him his space, let them do them and youll see that at the end of they way theyll always find their way back to you.

  11. Yakman Buddha

    I am an Water bearer! You gave such great insights here! I printed it for my lover. and as an answer for evey other comment I’ve read I would like to state. We do not run from our lovers. We create space in order not to build to strong of a cependency on another indivisual. We are aware that things do not always last forever and that feeling have tendency to change at times. This doesn’t offend us as we stay friends with ex’s often. However since we have so many deep and important focuses we do not wish to be over dependent and fall apart should the dynamics change. I feel though that even though I try to stay even minded I fall very deeply in love and stay with the same person in a faithful manner with no problem at all. I think the easiest person for me to fall deep for and marry is a person wh understands how to love themselves and be secure. One who dosent need me to be underneath then 24/7 to belivie I am richly in love with them. I feel safe and not judged and able to be free to pursue my intrest without thinking they dont understand and are takeing my every move personal and may break ways with me for simply being myself.

  12. julia

    iv’e been dating a aquarian for 3 months and he is like the wind as qquick as he comes thats as quick as he gos. he’s always working then on the weekends it’s his family so were do i a cancerian fit in .he tells me give me time things will get better but when.

  13. vicki

    you really can’t go wrong witn an aquariius person. While they are a little off beat from time to time, so to speak, they are true blue when ii comes to realtionship,. Thay are wonderful, intelligent people and if you are lucky enought to catch one, hand on people. the ride can be exciting ay nemes.

  14. viv

    I will have dinner with an Aquarian for the fist time this evening ,I hope it turns out well for me as I also have a daughter that is an Aquarius and I know pretty much what they are like.
    Good heart kind ,loving, but you are right, they certainly have a mind of their own.
    Wish me luck.

  15. Zoie Findley

    im a gemini, and I am dating an aquarius, and we get along well but he does wander off, we started off hateing each other and now we are dating, it took about a year for us to even be friends! but I have a strong will and stronger feelings but now i see why i was always scared to talk to him about my feelings, but i am an srtist and it has inspired me for art, and he is a skater, but we keep our distance..

  16. Kathy

    Thanks for this article! I am currently dating an Aquarian, and what you say is right on! I am a Capricorn, with Venus in Aquarius. We’ve only known each other for 3-1/2 months, and he certainly does disappear when dealing with personal issues. I’m a “recovering doormat” so this is hard to take, but all things considered, I’m doing well. And my patience is paying off. He recently came over and said he’s starting to fall in love with me. Life now feels calm and secure. Thank you for the extra insights.


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