Sexy Nights In by Sign

Baby, it’s cold outside! Winter is nearly here, when drizzly days can turn into bone-chilling nights. But that just means you’ll need to be creative about turning up the heat between the sheets.

Every sign of the zodiac has its own unique way of fanning the flames of romance, and we’re here to offer some suggestions on doing just that. So read your Sun and ascendant signs below to discover ways to turn the outer freeze into inner fire.

Scorpio: A little mystery goes a long way with this sexy Water sign. Some subtle (but wicked!) flirting, in a room lit by just candlelight, will entice your scorpion to want more of, well, you. Just be prepared for some all out lust when the flames get out of control.

Sagittarius: A bed-and-breakfast getaway will satisfy this Fire sign’s need for adventure. It may be raining outside, but archers know how to keep warm, and it’s all about having fun. Sexy games and witty repartee will keep them amused – and keep you simmering under the sheets.

Capricorn: This sexy Earth sign likes a down-to-earth approach when it comes to romance. They crave genuine desire in a partner – and someone who appreciates their talent for longevity between the sheets. So get real to get them fired up, and you’ll be sizzling throughout the stormy night.

Aquarius: When it comes to romance, this inventive Air sign likes an unconventional, even brainy approach to love. So go ahead and surprise them with an exotic meal, sci-fi film or electronic gadget you bought for fun. If you capture their interest, you’ll have their passion as well.

Pisces: For a romantic Neptunian, it’s all about fantasy and ethereal connections. A mystical poem, a classic film, or some sexy role-playing will steam up this enticing Water sign. In other words, getting creative in the boudoir will evoke a tidal wave passion in return!

Aries: Getting all fired up is no problem for Mars-ruled rams. Curling up together beside a roaring fire (or bonfire!) is the perfect ambiance for romance. A show of daring will also bring out their passion. Just remember to take your time to enjoy the heat!

Taurus: It’s all about the senses with Taurus. Slow and sensual bulls will enjoy a leisurely massage on a lambskin rug, soft faux fur or silken sheets before engaging in some serious cuddling (and beyond). A scrumptious meal is also a prerequisite for bullish foreplay.

Gemini: Verbal naughtiness will make Gemini sizzle in the boudoir. Make up a sultry story and share it with your lover, or read an erotic poem aloud. Whatever stimulates the brain will get the body going as well. So put on some music, turn down the lights, and start talking!

Cancer: Food is the perfect foreplay for this nurturing Water sign. A home-cooked meal in a cozy environment will stimulate all their senses. And then there’s dessert (whip cream anyone?). Comfort is also a necessity, so create an ambiance that makes them feel right at home.

Leo: Think drama when romancing this Fire sign. A luxurious or exotic ambiance, lit by candlelight, will bring out their considerable passion. And if you give your lion plenty of attention, in and out of the bedroom, they’ll keep you warm on even the snowiest of nights.

Virgo: A natural, elegant ambiance will set your Virgo’s heart aflame. Glitzy and over-the-top will turn them off, so think “class” when you’re cozying up. And don’t forget some delicate (but erotic!) touching and flirting, which will stoke the fires of this sensual Earth sign.

Libra: Being ruled by Venus gives Libra the ultimate romantic heart. Poetry, fine food, flowers – you name it – Libra will love an obvious (but graceful) show of your love. Beauty is foreplay for this artsy Air sign, so create an ambiance that delights all their senses to keep them coming back.

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