Saturn Opposes Uranus

An explosive Saturn-Uranus opposition that shook financial markets in
November 2008 and in March 2009 comes back for an encore this month,
and will continue periodically through next summer. On a personal
level, this influence can propel you out of a rut that’s stymied your
growth. On a national level, it’s all about the economy – and change.

So why is this happening? While Saturn strives to maintain the status quo, Uranus evokes rebellion and change. So between now and August 2010, when the two titans play tug-of-war, it’s out with the old and in with the new as social and economic certainties get swept away. The ’60s is the last time these superpowers faced off. So are you ready for a transformation?

What it means to you
The best way to handle this influence is to start your own inner revolution. Look to see where you need to make a shift in your relationship, career, spending habits, diet – you get the idea. The more in touch you are with your inner world, the more prepared you’ll be when Saturn and Uranus come knocking on your door. Also, eliminating negative attitudes and healing and low self-esteem you’re carrying around will help you move forward. Then you won’t need the Cosmic Boot (aka Uranus) to kick you out of your rut.

Question your motives
This influence can also create a monumental inner battle between duty (Saturn) and freedom (Uranus). It can prompt you to take extreme action, which may not be in your best interest. For instance, let’s say you’re in a good relationship, but then you suddenly come down with a case of emotional claustrophobia. You want to flee – or do something to get away from feeling smothered. This is a typical symptom of Saturn-Uranus flu.

The prescription is to slow down and take a deep breath. Instead of blaming the relationship for your angst, look inside to see if you’ve taken on too much. Are you running yourself ragged trying to be everything to everyone? Take some time to yourself. Take a class, join a volunteer group, get some therapy, or just have a night out with friends once a week. That way, you’ll satisfy your inner Saturn by being responsible, while heeding your inner Uranus through self-discovery.

Critical dates and your sign
So now that you know what to expect from the upcoming roller-coaster ride, take note of the following peak dates, when the opposition will be especially potent: September 2009, mid-April through mid-May 2010, and July through mid-August 2010. Now read your Sun and ascendant signs below to see what Saturn and Uranus may have in store for you.

Virgo: You’re in a classic me-versus-we scenario, and will need to compromise (more than usual) with your partner. You’re the responsible one, while your sweetie is in the throes of change. Don’t forget to have some fun to help you both recharge.

Libra: Using an innovative approach to your work can bring opportunities – if you can get out of your own way. It’s time to expand your faith in your own abilities, and stop hiding who you are. Healing the past will help you move forward.

Scorpio: You’re craving more excitement in your love life now, so take some steps to energize romance. Your creativity is on fire as well. Some friends will move on, and networking with professional people can bring new opportunities.

Sagittarius: Changes are happening in your home life. A move is possible, but fear about career options may stand in your way. Perhaps it’s time to take charge of your career by making your own opportunities. Can you say “self-employed”?

Capricorn: Accessing your unconventional side (we know it’s there somewhere) and sharing your innovative ideas can bring success. Your faith may be tested, so have patience – and don’t hesitate to ask the higher powers for some direction.

Aquarius: Your originality can bring moneymaking opportunities now, but you’ll need to take a practical approach (not your usual style, we know) when it comes to others who support your project. On that note, strive to pay off some debt, too.

Pisces: Your personal goals are in flux, so try to be clear about what you really want – or run the risk of driving your partner, who is the responsible one now, nuts. Teaming up with a business partner may be the way to go.

Aries: A hidden desire to be free of the daily grind may prompt you to make a shift in your work, or at least in your work habits. A flex schedule or working from home can be good options. Also, getting healthy is a priority right now.

Taurus: Bulls will want to become part of a greater whole through group activities, which may produce a conflict over time spent with your lover or your kids. Also, committing to your own creative project can bring fulfillment.

Gemini: Your career goals are getting a wake-up call now, which may produce some changes in your work and a tug-of-war between your career and your family. Balancing your time between the two will be a challenge.

Cancer: Your spiritual beliefs, along with your vision of the bigger picture in your life, are being transformed. It’s time to assess your role in the greater scheme of things. Also, you may want to expand your education by taking some classes.

Leo: While a moneymaking opportunity may come to you through a partnership, a conflict over spending may arise with your significant other as well. Also, it’s a good time to reevaluate your sexual needs, and to heal old emotional wounds.

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