Renew, Relax and Reawaken Yourself During Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde Begins August 3 and Ends August 26

Mercury retrograde… oh no, not again! Bad communication, batteries die, computers crash and the washing machine does not spin… BUT there is a brighter side to this energy if used and looked at with a different perspective. What exactly is the other side of this vibration?

It’s time to re-visit, re-new, re-site, re-vise, re-awaken and any other word that you would like to add the re in front of. This is a time where the old is revised so that we can indeed take a better look at our past. One of my favorite saying is “we live life moving forward, we understand it by looking back,” with that said, this is a time to understand your past, understand your life. It is a time to wake up the old and give it a second chance. Even if the old is sleeping on the couch! Wake that man up and tell him to come to the bedroom, give the relationship a refreshed start.

Renewing old ways and patterns can be useful at this time when the energy of the Leo Sun is shining in your face and you left your sunglasses at home. The glare can be blinding and what you are seeing might not be what you are getting. With the vibration of the retrograde, our minds slow down allowing us to remember the old ways, the old patterns so that even with the sun shinning in your eyes you can still make a good decision. This is a time that being blinded by the light can occur and falling in love gives validation to the term “summer romance.”

I am not saying to go backward, just take a look as it all appears very clearly at this time allowing us to see what once was.

As you delve into your past and examine the patterns, you might also want to clear out what is no longer useful to your memory file. A good rule of thumb is “if it is not broke don’t fix it” and “if it’s not positive, you don’t need it.”

This is not a time to start new things but alas relationships do spring forth this time of year especially with the youthful groups—a summer fling can be fun, certainly giving one something to think about for next summer when the heat is on once again.

Good old Mercury will be around perhaps more than we would like, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You don’t need to hide under the covers and wait for it to pass. You can be pro-active and revise your life’s situations to maximize your potential so when the Mercury retrograde passes you have a firm foundation under your feet.

Remember, Mercury can go in many different directions yet has the ability to pull it all together.

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5 thoughts on “Renew, Relax and Reawaken Yourself During Mercury Retrograde

  1. Samantha Harper

    This has been the worse couple of weeks of my life. I have had to end 3 friendships since August began, and now I have a sprained ankle with three broken toes. Could this get any worse. I am trying to remain calm, cool, and collected with all this going on. I think I have had to learn more now then ever that having alone time is the greatest thing in the world. 🙂

  2. Cameron ext 5412

    Quinn, thank you so much for this article. It’s so easy to hide under the covers during a Mercury retrograde period, or worry you’ll say or do the wrong thing, but your advice is helpful and sound, I love the idea of looking at the past, deciding what needs to change, allowing Mercury to reveal to us what isn’t working. Wonderful advice.

  3. misskrystalmisskrystal

    Quinn-this is fantastic. I really enjoy these types of articles. Always good to see different takes on astrology. Thanks, Miss Krystal


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