Psychic Gweneviere: The Science Behind Astrology and Why it Works

Where Astrology Meets Science

I know beyond a doubt that astrology works, but the fact that I don’t know why it works has always bothered the left-brained, scientifically oriented side of me. I had an “aha” moment today and I’m not positive, but I think I may have figured it out. Essentially, the planets are the power transmitters of frequencies which can be measured in Hertz, and our DNA coils are the receivers. Sounds far-fetched, perhaps, but read on.

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Nikola Tesla measured the Earth’s frequency at 7.83 Hz, which was later verified by the physicist Winfried Schuman. When we are in REM sleep, our brain goes into the same frequency as our own planet. The frequencies of all the planets have been measured, and as it turns out, they all correspond to one of the five major brainwave states that our brains produce.

A Little Science

The fundamental frequencies of a planet are derived from the planet’s diameter, circumference, rotational velocity, orbital period, etc. More simply, NASA uses radio waves from satellites and bounces them off the spheres of the planets, measuring the radius. From that, you can calculate its frequency by dividing the speed of light by the circumference. These frequencies generally have very long wavelengths, thus they lie in the very low frequency (ELF) and ultra-low frequency (ULF) range. Planetary harmonics govern natural, long-term biological growth patterns, monthly and yearly biological processes, and daily brain and psycho-physiological function.

Science and Your Brain

Every one of the planets is perfectly tuned to the different states of brainwaves occurring in our brains most of the time. That means humans are tuned to the nine planet frequencies because our DNA is a coil, which is an inductor, or a receiver. Our DNA is a receiver that receives electromagnetic energy. DNA reads frequencies. This was proven by the Nobel laureate Luke Montagne in 2008 for Virology. Our DNA is dictated by the frequencies of our planets.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune produce Delta-level frequencies (5 – 8Hz). That’s the level you are in when in deep meditation—cosmic consciousness.

Mars produces Alpha brainwaves (8 – 14 Hz). They are responsible for coherency, thinking, and organization. Venus is producing the same frequencies as Earth, in the Theta range.

Science and Your Chakras

NASA recorded the sound of our Sun when it hits our atmosphere and it produces a vibration. That converted to audio signal of 126.22 Hz. This tone (which also abounds in YouTube videos and restructures water), when played to a human, shrinks the chakras except for the heart chakra, which becomes huge. Our sun is tuned to our hearts.

Here’s Where it All Comes Together 

In a nutshell, if our DNA receives planetary frequencies, then it makes sense that when the planets are at certain longitudes and latitudes to each other (conjunct, sextile, square, trine, opposite, etc.) then the combined energies of these planets while in those geometric positions would also be transmitted to us. There has to be a unified pattern of energy where the combined frequencies of all of the separate planets fuse with each other to create a field of unified influence that can be described as “astrological weather.”

17 thoughts on “Psychic Gweneviere: The Science Behind Astrology and Why it Works

  1. sita taylor

    what enlightening info.You are dead right, I know instinctively that all is as you say.There islso much more to find out.How can we get daily guidance that will guide and re assure us that we are going in the right direction.Without this, the info is really very little help.Good work.

  2. Cathy

    We are all atoms. It’s practical magic. Great article on astrological science- thanks for sharing. ✨

  3. Alexandra

    I have been studying and following astrology since a very young age and KNOW it has worked for me and proven it. Having exact date, time, location of birth is crucial for its accuracy. Friends in many proffesions specially medical, have used it and proven its helpful use with patients and difficult to diagnose diseases.

  4. Janus ext. 5654

    Well done, Gweneviere. Now and again I encounter a customer that assumes I ask for DOB or sun sign for reasons of using astrology in their reading, and they aren’t interested. On the contrary, I strictly use the DOB or sun sign in relation to their name as associations for my own logs; to notate that “this ‘Jane’ is an Aries, whereas this ‘Jane’s’ DOB has her on a cusp” and despite sharing a name, they are very unique individuals. But, to the point: I’ve found it easier to share with customers my certainty that celestial bodies do have an effect on us by returning to something most of us learn in grammar school; the Moon’s effect on our tides, then venturing into some basics regarding our body’s water content, magnetic fields and gravitational pull, and how our bodies and brains function so much more than we realize based upon electromagnetic signals. Women most especially “get it” in regards to the Moon cycles and their biological feminine cycles. I often remind, “12 months, but 13 moons.” Of course I also remind people that despite the effect of celestial bodies on us, knowing what’s going on that we don’t necessarily see with our eyes such as by doing something as simple as reading one’s horoscope, can give just enough of a heads-up to choose to override (Free Will can be an awesome thing) those “invisible forces” or utilize tools at their disposal to counteract what isn’t desired, or even better, when the effect appears negative, to utilize a balance to make it positive. Of the latter, I find that in this very busy world, when “the stars aren’t aligned in our favour to get what we want,” as an example, it is often Heaven that is providing us an opportunity to NOT push, but rather, take a breath, a break, and do more observing than acting – even the Universe knows we need a chance to relax and get a fresh perspective. 🙂 I was thrilled to read your article. You are amongst very few that I have encountered that have free-published from the middle-ground between Right-brain and Left-brain/Creative & Logical agreed-understanding on the subject and sought to improve the Balance. I am ever-reminded of two quotes “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” And, “Today’s magic[k] is Tomorrow’s Science.”
    Well done! So happy to encounter another perpetual student. Deus Juvat. – Janus ext. 5654



  6. Tajah

    OMG! This is the reason for mantras. Yes I’ve noticed a connection with astrology and readings. I believe we are reading the star rays when we read. It’s especially recognizable when looking at time frames. Thanks for a wonderful article.

  7. Bee

    Very interesting & informative. Thank you for sharing. Sheds light on a broader scale yet pinpoints energy that fuels us.If only there was an app for daily accurate readings..

  8. Anne

    Astrology seems very vague to me. My sister and I are both Pices, but so different. One astrologer told me she saw a long term relationship with a man (Taurus) happening, but that man is no longer in my life and I doubt he will be back. I just dont see it happening, and i feel OK about that now. Iknow…free will. Thats always the excuse when things dont happen as predicted.

  9. Andrea

    I always knew about the frequencies of our bodies/brains to the natural frequency of planets and the cosmos “et al”. I never connected the dots to astrology , I wonder, is there any manipulation possible, as in can I “tune in” better fortune or life experience’s?

  10. John Thompson

    That was the best of the articles on this site I have come across yet. The concepts make perfect sense to me. I have often wondered how astrology could possibly be a real “science” (it’s more of an art I think, like Tarot), but this makes it very clear. As Tesla said (paraphrasing): “The day science begins to examine non-physical phenomena it will advance more in a decade than in all of its previous history.”

    Thanks Gweneviere (is that your real name by the way?)

  11. Suzanne

    Gweneviere. You are very astute to see that we are all part and parcel of the cosmos. If we are star dust then it makes sense that we resonate with the universe. I, personally have a great reaction to moon cycles and I am truly solar powered.
    Thanks for the scientific view. I enjoyed the comparison of the a Jupiter ruled I found that particularly interesting.
    Universal Hug.

  12. shikha sharma

    i want to grow my work in legal field, in which i am working presently and want to marry-sugest for it

  13. Marc from the uk

    Fantastic article. At last scientific proof and a base for defending what so many have known in there heart and souls that astrology works! Sooo refreshing to have an article like this 🙂 congratulations to the author. This article deserves to be kept where it can be seen and referred to when necessary ! Thanks


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