Psychic Amelia: Why Get an Astrology Consultation?

Get More Clarity With an Astrology Reading

In these times of great uncertainty and change, astrology can be effectively used to gain perspective and gain a better understanding of our life circumstance.

Astrology is just one of the many tools we have at our disposal to help us deal with and enrich our lives. This powerful tool was given to us as a part of creation. The planets were created as part of our world for our use. The science of astrology strives to understand and use this great gift for the benefit of humanity.

You don’t ever leave your home without a destination in mind and some idea as to how to get there, right!? Well, on a broader scale, the same is true of life!

Why would you want to begin your life without a destination in mind and a few ideas as to how you were going to get there?

An astrological chart maps out your life as to what is in store for you like when to marry, what profession best suits you, when you will go to school, how many children you will have (if any) and gives you a pretty good idea as to the twists and turns you will take to get you to your final destination. Astrology can do this—and so much more!

Call one of our very qualified astrologers at California Psychics and see what the stars and the planets have in store for you!

(It is important to note here that astrology and the planets do not cause events in our lives. Astrology is based on the observation that events of Earth are instantly reflected in the heavens. The heavens are our mirror of earthly events.)

The art and science of astrology come from ancient, sacred traditions. Five thousand plus years of careful observation and record-keeping have supplied us with accurate knowledge as to what kinds of earthly events are associated with what kinds of heavenly patterns. (Did you know that The Vatican has the largest library of astronomy/astrology books of any place on the planet?) In the hands of a responsible and skillful practitioner, an astrological chart reading can help anyone to better understand their life patterns and specific event scenarios.

When you share your date of birth with an astrologer on California Psychics, the practitioner (I am not using the word “psychic” to describe an astrologer because astrologers are not necessarily psychics! But they can be!) can see your “life story” as it relates to your place in the order of the universe. Your birth date indicates your life path. And the planets as they are moving through the sky today (which a skilled astrologer mathematically calculates specific to you when you call for your reading), define the major issues in your life that have led you to the present conditions now facing you.

Astrology does not have all the answers and is not a cure-all. It is just one of the many tools available for you to use in order to better orchestrate the direction of your life. It is not fatalistic. In all cases, astrology presents your options. The choice you make is always up to you alone. You alone are the captain of your ship. Astrology merely provides a more complete map for you to set sail with. Astrology can be considered the GPS of your life. You still have to drive the car to its final destination!

Enjoy your reading with the astrologers at California Psychics. They are all well-qualified to be your GPS guide for making good life decisions.

2 thoughts on “Psychic Amelia: Why Get an Astrology Consultation?

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Amelia,

    Excellent article explaining the benefits of having an astrologer do a chart on an individual.

    Everybody’s NATAL chart is unique and different, kind of like a finger print.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

    ps…and it’s fun too !


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