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Your March Horoscope: Springtime Retrogrades and Renewal

March is highlighted from beginning to end with two New Moons (on March 1 and March 30) and the Sun’s transit into Aries, marking the Vernal Equinox and the renewal of springtime on March 20. As a result, your March Horoscope is surrounded by optimism!

Back and Forth

Having this renewed energy embrace us this March will come in handy when two planets will retrograde—Mars on March 1 and Saturn on March 2—and that will tend to slow down our progress in certain areas. Slowing down can be a good thing though, helping you to revise and regroup.

Moving forward is lucky Jupiter, ending its retrograde in the sign of Cancer on March 6. Depending on where this expansive planet lies in your chart you’ll see movement and growth—enough to spice up your March Horoscope, shake off the winter blues and put a little spring in your step.

Venus moves into Aquarius on March 5 and thanks to the recent retrograde that began and ended in February, Mercury visits Pisces for the second time this year, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

To see how these and other transits will affect your Sun Sign and Rising Sign, read the preview to your March Horoscope below. And to get even more details, have a reading with one of our gifted psychic astrologers today.


Updating your home environment may be slowed by minor disagreements with a spouse and/or the home budget. Exercising regularly and socializing with friends helps you balance emotions. The New Moon on the 30th will help you get a clearer vision of the year ahead.

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Though things move more slowly for you this month, try to be patient. Although work relationships may have their difficult moments, overall your boss is pleased with your work and coworker relationships evolve. Don’t be consumed; divert your energy to making travel plans.


Your March Horoscope is active and mixed. New career opportunities will beg your attention, adding another layer to your agenda. Financial matters that may have been stalled in February now get revived. Romance and creativity seem stagnant. Plan a trip to shake things up.


Your to-do list is cramming your calendar. You feel the need to expand your options. You could take a class to advance your dreams. It’s a good month to also do your taxes and look into financial options. New creative opportunities may arise, but do only what you’re comfortable doing. Weigh your options carefully.

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Romantic discussions highlight the first half of your March Horoscope. When it comes to partnership-related finances like mortgages and taxes, your intuition is on point. You and your love should plan a trip for two. Reduce stress through creative projects and regular exercise.


Career-related projects and relationships are your focus for the first half of March. You may decide later to enter into a business partnership. If single, love could blossom at work. Your social agenda is on the upswing and family relationships may challenge you. Think before you act when it comes to family.


Mid-month should bring some déjà vu moments at work; you can handle things in stride. Romantic relationships get a face lift in March in line with spring and renewal. Your career and relationships are picking up speed, but finances may need a bit of adjustment. Let the month unfold and reveal things hidden, then act accordingly next month.


Home projects may dominate the beginning of your March Horoscope. Your intuition is hotter than usual from mid-March and beyond. You and your partner may be discussing foreign travel or an addition to you household. While some personal plans may be delayed, creativity and work-related ideas move at rapid speed.


March finds you thinking about the future and though you like to be on the move, take the time this month to meditate on how you’ll go forward. Your social life slows just a bit, giving you time to contemplate. Joint finances get a boost in March and that will affect your decision making.

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Your career life may slow a bit this month, but use the time to explore areas of interest—you may be onto something completely new before you know it. Remain flexible. Romance and personal finance see an upturn, and your concentration is focused on both. The future is unfolding in new and different ways—don’t fight the flow.


If you’ve considered working from home or changing careers, ideas you have this month can put that in motion. Talk over the budget with your significant other and see if changes in career will work for you. Remember to keep up with your exercise regimen to give your body the energy to match your quick-moving thoughts.


You may find finances stretched more than usual this month as unexpected expenses pop up. More of your salary may be put towards expenses and a partner may be experiencing career challenges. However, your love life and creativity are on the up and that helps you find easy answers to pressing questions. Your March Horoscope holds a lot of promise for your future endeavors.

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