Play Dates by Sign

Try these delectable date ideas, inspired by the heavens and the astrological sign of your lover – or the object of your desire.

This gentle soul has a taste for beauty, communication and intimacy. Take a Libra on a picnic, or out for an evening under the stars. Outdoor concerts will satisfy a twofold longing for harmony – just don’t try to get by with anything that comes across as hasty, or too generic. A movie might be easy, but it’s not the best way to woo a Libra. If you take the time and energy to invest in a plan that is both meaningful and well thought-out – with some time set aside for real connection – you’ll find the Libra heart open… and welcoming.

It won’t be too difficult to discern a Scorpio’s preferences: they’re typically quite willing to make their likes and dislikes known. Plan an evening that proves you’ve been paying attention. The scorpion is deeply involved in the realm of emotions, and they’ll want you to be, as well. If the two of you are passionately in love, make a date that will give your lover an opportunity to express that emotion, and become thoroughly wrapped up in togetherness. If you’re still getting to know one another, try going dancing, or splashing around at the beach. And remember – Scorpio’s passion is highlighted in the bedroom, so don’t be surprised by where this all leads!

This one’s in it for the thrill. Why not take your adventurous Sagittarius on a truly unforgettable date? Let the sky be the limit, as you look into climbing, hang-gliding, or bungee-jumping. And don’t forget about other types of novelty – check out a new Ethiopian restaurant, or go dancing at a trendy night spot you haven’t been to together – you might even go out to see a local band perform. Keep the Archer on their toes, while you both broaden your horizons.

Get that Goat away from work – and out on the town! This workaholic might seem like an unlikely candidate for a standup routine, but the Capricorn has surprisingly witty undercurrents, and a comedy club might be just what the two of you need to tap into that playfulness. But research your choice carefully! A stand-up standup will keep you both laughing for hours – a stale routine, however, won’t get past a Cap, whose self-critical eye can just as easily pick up on the shortcomings of others. You’d be hearing about that for the rest of the night

Brainy Aquarians have a serious artistic streak, so it’s hard to go wrong with dates that center on visual art, music, dance or drama. Go out to a museum, the opera or a theater. Don’t rule out small art openings, photography exhibits or underground bands. The Water-bearer’s open mind makes new experiences (even those that don’t fully deliver) worthwhile. Aquarians are also characteristically philanthropic, so you might check into charity benefits. Or tap into that intellect by going to a book signing!

Try taking shy Pisces away from the crowds – maybe go on quiet hike, or spend some time in a beautiful meadow. Sensitive and thoughtful, Pisces is moved by gestures and tenderness, and is more than willing to recognize the effort you put into your plans, however simple they may be. That imaginative, escapist nature means that films and plays are good ideas as well – especially if they’re light, fanciful or fictional. Avoid dreary topics, at least at first. Aim to uplift and shelter this delicate personality, and you’re in for a delightful time with a soulful partner.

The Ram can’t resist a challenge, so try a walk on the edge. A dirt-biking trip or boxing lessons are sure to get that heart pounding. If you’re not a thrill-seeker yourself, try sticking to less dangerous dates that will still appeal to the fighter and the explorer in the Aries personality. Camping, bike-riding, and rollerblading are all good possibilities that are likely to leave you a little sore, rather than seriously injured! But only the truly courageous are willing to tackle the competitive Ram spirit. If you’ve got what it takes, you might try a board game or a tennis match. Just remember: the Aries is in it for the win.

The Taurus gets a bad rap for being materialistic, but that reputation isn’t necessarily deserved. True, any Taurus will be drawn to the finer things in life, but this comes from a love of beauty, security and sensual pleasure – not base greed. Taking a Taurus shopping might bring a sparkle to their eye, but so would a walk in a beautiful garden, or a trip to the museum. In fact, a night home with a delectable home-cooked meal could be perfect, because your cooking will tickle that exquisite palate, and whet the Taurean appetite for the sensual pleasures that lie ahead.

Whatever you do, don’t let these characters get bored – the twins are always in need of attention and stimulation. Introduce a Gemini to new ideas, new places and new skills in the form of concerts, games, clubs and classes. Don’t be disappointed if your Gemini doesn’t seem to take to your idea – after all, that attention is difficult to capture for long. The Twins also have an appetite for knowledge that they are sometimes lazy about satisfying. Don’t be afraid to drag them on thought-provoking dates to history museums and art openings – they’ll thank you for it, later. At least, they’ll mean to… before they get distracted again!

The imaginative Cancer can be drawn out of that shell with a good plotline, so you might try taking in a play. Dance performances and sporting events are also good ideas – especially if you can score playoff tickets. Just don’t root for the other side, and risk making your Cancer defensive! Keep in mind that at heart the crab needs a lot of nurturing, and can have a weakness for romance. Handle with care, and don’t hold back on those sentimental gestures.

This is one sign that won’t resent an ambush. You might try a surprise: a big-ticket night at an unexpected time, for instance, will leave the Lion purring for more. Leos are naturally creative, so think art exhibits and concerts. Or appeal to that deeply sensual side with a stop at the day spa, followed by a dip in the hot springs. It’s hard to go wrong with a Leo: this good-natured soul will make any date a royally enjoyable experience.

If you can coax your Virgo out of the captain’s chair for the evening, plan something especially thoughtful that proves you’ve been paying attention. Try a favorite restaurant, maybe followed by a documentary that will pique that Virgo curiosity. And don’t forget the details! Secure reservations, arrive early, and make sure the place is spotless before you bring them home. If you don’t hit every mark, however, fear not: a fierce perfectionist in their own habits, Virgins are people-pleasers by nature – so they are sure to appreciate your affection, and respond in kind.

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