From Passion to Commitment: Your Partner’s Sun Sign

From Passion to Commitment: Your Partner's Sun Sign

Commitment Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

The song the planets sing during 2018 will be one of fiery passion and there’s an earthy desire to make things solid and real for each sun sign. I’m talking about commitment. Of course, commitment can take a number of forms, including a commitment to your dreams or social causes. But, the commitment that feels most intimate and intense, especially in February, is the commitment made between partners.

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If you haven’t found your partner yet, focusing on your passions could bring them to you quicker. However, if you’ve found your soulmate but they’re afraid of commitment, you can look to their sun sign for clues about how they’ll gain the confidence they need to make your love something solid and permanent. Each sun sign has their own commitment insights below:


Your Aries loves feeling a certain degree of freedom. At the same time, they prefer feeling secure in a relationship. Therefore, search for that balance with them and help them to see that you can be their safe place to go as they enjoy pursuing their dreams. Work will be demanding for them, but they’ll be more attentive to relationship permanence later in the year.


Your Taurus likes comfort and loyalty, but they need a certain amount of reassurance to really trust you. This sun sign takes its time but sees what you share spiritually and goes from there. It can be a belief in each other or even a cause you find worthy of sharing as a team. They’ll be full of surprises during the last half of the year, so stay steady and they’ll be fine.


The intensity your Gemini has been feeling will become more demanding this year. The more support you can give them (seeing through their light-hearted façade) the more they’ll be aware of your constant support. If you stay with them they’ll further define their loyalty and commitment to you.


Your Cancer partner feels the demands that are being made on you and empathizes. Assurances that you have the confidence to get to the future you’re building together will do a lot for your Cancer’s confidence to commit further. They just need to feel safe.


If you thought your Leo was feeling intense about work and health demands before, they’ll get even more serious about it this year. Be ready to understand this and stay loyal—something they obviously appreciate. They’ll find happenings at work disruptive later in the year, so be ready to make them feel safe at home. They’ll be feeling even more willing to commit this year.


Your Virgo’s passion for their creative efforts and children will intensify this year. They may suddenly want to travel or return to their education later in the year. Just show them that you’re grounded and supportive in every way. They’ll really respond to this and the desire for commitment.


Your Libra’s need to direct their efforts toward career and public image will only become more demanding this year so be ready to give them support. The good news is they’ll also be feeling really passionate so be ready to be the perfect lover on a whim. You may also share financial benefits that will have your Libra feeling more able to commit.


This will be a truly successful year for your Scorpio if they communicate with clarity and are deliberate about what they want in life. Therefore, listen to what they say carefully. You know how private they can be with their thoughts so when they share them, hear them. They will very likely be feeling secure enough to commit.


Your Sag will be feeling more positive about self-confidence this year but will be showing more concern about finances in particular. Helping them keep their home, family events, and issues sorted will be great for them. Show them you’re there, loving and understanding them in order to make your freedom-lover much more willing to commit.


Your Capricorn will become doubly serious and powerful this year. They’ll be looking at their dreams and using social relationships and media to make them happen. By being their constant support, you’ll see them more interested in a commitment to you. Expect the unexpected later in the year when their major breakthroughs will most likely happen.


Your Aquarius has been serious about social interaction to promote their career ideas. While this year brings success to many of their efforts, they’ll be pulled to do inner work and they’ll be more inclined to want a trusted partner on a more permanent basis. You may have seen signs of this over the last part of 2017. If you support them as they dig into their psyche, you can make a more permanent commitment with personal revelations.


Your Pisces will be feeling more freedom to seek those big dreams and ideals they’ve been working toward over the past few years. Encourage them in any educational pursuits and social or creative work they’ve been focusing on. The second half of 2018 finds them feeling more comfortable with finances and able to make permanent commitments.

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