Your Partial Solar Eclipse Horoscope

Your Partial Solar Eclipse Horoscope

A Tricky, Predictive Tool

The August 11 partial solar eclipse is the third and final eclipse of this summer. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon appears to cross in front of the sun. A partial solar eclipse occurs when the moon only covers part of the sun. What’s interesting about all solar eclipses this year is that they are all partial solar eclipses. The August 11 partial solar eclipse will swing over the North Pole and will be visible from northern Europe, northern Asia, and parts of eastern Asia.

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Eclipses represent the veil disappearing between our physical, emotional, and spiritual worlds, making anything possible. Unexpected changes and surprises are the dominant factors. While eclipses are a major predictive tool, they can certainly be tricky. Some surprises and opportunities for your sun sign follow:


Creativity, particularly if it includes communications, can offer you a fiery outlet for your deepest desires at a time when you might be feeling stifled. Summer’s end offers relief from frustration. But sometimes previous challenges refine your work and educate your future too.


Intense focus is on your home and family with this partial solar eclipse. Be ready for surprises when it comes to creativity and children. What might be jarring at first might also offer you a new life that you’ll love. It may also prepare you for several years of revelations.


Communications are at the crux of your successes. However, while you normally shine, you should strive to be agile when it comes to new ways of thinking. This will help you prepare presentations and engage in other forms of sharing too. Things have certainly changed for you, Gemini!


Finances and your personal values are the focus of this partial solar eclipse. They’re the window to your future. Work will be demanding. Therefore, make sure you’re doing it to support and protect what you love. Brilliant ideas come from friends or while on social media. They can give substance to your dreams.


This partial solar eclipse happens in your sun sign and it’s a potent one. You can benefit if you examine your intense desires. However, be sure to express them without insisting that others understand how you feel. Compassion and inclusiveness are key to having your self-expression appreciated and accepted.


You secretly know the power you have, but it’s difficult for you to acknowledge it. However, changes in your spiritual life will help you understand what’s happening. You may find your new life through education or meditation. Just pursue what inspires you.


Communications with friends play an important role in your life over the next several months. You’re also positive about your financial actions this fall. Just let your energy lead you to new ideas. Then follow those ideas with action. Make yourself known to the world.


Your career and public image are impacted by this partial solar eclipse. Great energy and challenges come from home. Therefore, keep your energy focused on them. Then, approach work in an aggressive way while still considering what others say. Pay special attention to those who are agents of change before you take action.


Your educational and spiritual dreams are coming to fruition over the next year or so. Therefore, be prepared to address what you’ve been promoting. Then adapt to what you learn today. Dreamers need to start establishing themselves too. You can certainly find success over the next year.


You need to address your intensity before you approach your investments and love life. What you value in others includes what you love about them and what they represent. You might even invest in them too.


if you choose partners carefully, you’ll connect to your favorite dreams. You’re feeling sexy and ready to move toward your future too. If you’re gentle, loving, and appealing, your creative efforts will do well.


It’s time to open the doors to your creativity and work hard to share yourself. You can make your dreams come true if you seek your ultimate self-expression. Your dreams are created. However, making them real is your next project.

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