Your New Moon March Horoscope

Your March Horoscope has Two New Moons!

March and April 2014 will be months you will always remember because enormous life changes are unfolding at this time. March brings you two opportunities to foresee what needs to be done in order to have the future of your dreams because there are two New Moons! Dreams, meditations and intuition can make those dreams come true.

The New Moon opening happens exactly at midnight (US West Coast time) on March 1. This “witching hour” symbolism brings revelations. The later March New Moon is on March 30. This New Moon is a call to action on all the changes and transformations you want to initiate.

Dreams and intuition on March 1 and 30 will guide you in addressing upcoming changes. Meditate on your future at bedtime and put a notepad by your bed to make notes on your ideas and dreams. And if you want to know what your dreams mean, let one of our psychics perform a dream analysis this month!


The March 1st New Moon allows you to see those things in your past that have held your back from your dream career, partner and full self-expression. Let deep-seated feelings become revelations during March and by the 30th, you’ll have that brilliant breakthrough in your life.

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Communications and spiritual guides put you in touch with your hopes and wishes and how to reach them on the March 1st New Moon. The love of your life (or your dream job or dream partner) will appear through everyday work activities during the month of March. Your positive attitude takes you to that magical moment.


Healing flows to and through you during the New Moon on March 1. This can appear through your relationships and your finances. Investments you’ve made in both lovers and personal ideals start to pay off during March. On the March 30th New Moon you can create future success through your networking efforts. Your love life and creativity bring joy.


The March 1st New Moon is your time to consult your spiritual guides to really grasp how gifted you are and to use these revelations to achieve your greatness. You clearly see the forms of the love life and creative opportunities you need and want, and March is the perfect time to create these in real life.

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Dig deeply into whatever you have repressed on March 1 to have a major breakthrough that releases you from old habit patterns during March. They have held you back through your subconscious, but this is ending. You’ll love the new freedom you feel and will be taking action through travel or education by March 30.


The March 1st New Moon brings inspiration through partners. They provide the key to what you need to reach your ideals. Work through friends and networking to make those perfect plans happen during March. On the March 30th New Moon your passion for what you are doing and that special person in your life will create the breakthrough you want.


Your inspiration will arise from everyday activities on the March 1st New Moon. Meditate on what thoughts come to mind while doing chores before you sleep for some revealing dreams. March 30th will be a special day to learn to balance your partnerships, career and home life.


The New Moon on March 1 is the perfect day for creative meditation. Travel or an item in your library reveals just the tool to find the love life and the new project that will bring your deepest desires into form. Your daily routine on March 30 will be busy, but will offer the breakthrough you need and want.


Find a quiet place to really get in touch with your ultimate self-expression on March 1’s New Moon. Use March to develop a true hands-on, creative product to present by March 30. A parent or career mentor can help you make your dreams come true through financing you hadn’t considered before.

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Focus on putting your fondest hopes and dreams into clear communications with others. Use art or romance and love-making in addition to direct language on the March 1st New Moon. Be prepared for action on needed changes in your career and home life on the March 30th New Moon. This is the day when opportunities appear quickly.


You’ll have important insights and inspiration regarding your work and finances on the March 1st New Moon. You can move toward what you really value in life and bring romance to everyday activities. You are absolutely brilliant in seeing the future and addressing major changes for everyone around you on March 30’s Full Moon.


The March 1st New Moon brings magical dreams, joyous love, and you will be the source of inspiration for others. Travel and studies will serve you well. March 30’s New Moon will bring changes with friends and finances. A financial windfall is possible through your communicating with heart and serving as a muse to others.

9 thoughts on “Your New Moon March Horoscope

  1. Arunkumar k shetty

    My date of birth is 2nd july 1966, 4 am cancer. but i dont find any thing in real when i go throug your prediction

  2. carol ridge

    thank you .have been chanting for a windfall to come on april march9th is my b-dAYbut ill be happy to wait till april30th,my sons b-day

  3. roda sampinit

    i hope it will come true to be come a parner or soulmate in … and i want a change life our relationship is far…

  4. joy

    That’s totally untrue….there was lots of problems on March 1st and it seems that it will continue for March 30th honey bee…..just try to focus on what you see cause this is for me and several signs was UNTRUE and the most inaccurate horoscope I’ve ever seen….don’t read the planets again….please!

  5. Quineas

    This is another case of a day late and a dollar short.. what is the point of telling us all these wonderful things we should do on March 1 when the article doesn’t get published until March 2nd? It would have been nice to have this info a few days ago.. so we could focus our attention (and INTENTION) on this New Moon event.

    Also for clarity, when it talks of “exactly Midnite on March 1”, are you speaking of the FiRST “midnite transition from Feb 28th? Or the 2nd transition to March 2nd?


    It is so very interesting ,how the new moon affects people. I just wish that I would be more instructed in astrology. My most deepest respect for all astrologers..

  7. Bharat Bhushan Gupta

    12.05 MID-NIGHT


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