New Moon in Gemini

Every New Moon is an opportunity to set in motion a new personal cycle. A new moon in Gemini offers you the chance to reclaim your mental space and consider the sacredness of communication.

Gemini is a mutable or changeable sign and a dualistic one since it is represented by “The Twins.” This sign of perpetual activity has the ability to adapt to any situation and express something about it. True communication stems from being in tune to what is around us, and responding to whatever occurs with freedom and spontaneity.

Gemini is also the messenger; the ruler of information. Gemini is in charge of the mind and our thought processes. We are what we think, and all that we are arises with our thoughts. The New Moon in Gemini beckons us to ask, “who and what is nourishing us with their words and information,” and “how can I express myself positively through communication?”

As you may have noticed, we currently live in a society fueled by fear. On top of that, we are bombarded with stuff – what communication historians dub, “information glut.” We don’t know what to believe and furthermore we are oftentimes effected in negative ways. This coming month, set limits on what gets your attention and carefully examine how your current diet of information is affecting you. 

During a Gemini New Moon, we can also work toward opening our minds to a diverse range of ideas, while maintaining a self, rooted in a calm center. This is a good time to work on areas in your life that have been mired in conflict and misunderstanding. The planetary conditions make it ideal to question and transform old beliefs through dialogue.

Meanwhile, take the time to communicate your wishes, dreams and desires to those who can aid your progress. We all need help and learning to ask is one of life’s hardest lessons. As the Moon waxes to fullness over the two weeks of a Gemini moon, try to really hear what those around you have to say about your wishes, and take their advice to heart. Honest and clear communication is a two-way street and the best way to achieve a successful outcome for all.

Gemini is all about flexibility and adaptability. The objective in life is to open our hearts and minds and go with the flow, yet fear makes us stiffen up and go rigid. To survive negative energy, we must open our minds and create positive dialogue. The New Moon in Gemini calls on each of us to open up, talk about whatever it is, and open ourselves to feedback.

So, celebrate the power of knowledge at this time. And rememeber, we can only win by broadening our perspectives and opening up our minds!

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