Your New Moon Horoscope: August 2016

new moon horoscope august 2016

This August 2nd New Moon is particularly special. The summer hasn’t been easy, and you’re probably addressing personal challenges along with all the great times in life. Many are feeling a bit frazzled about the difficult news across the world. Yet, today offers a real opportunity and window into your future, if you seize it.

This New Moon indicates high energy in pursuing your deepest desires and ideals. It’s linked to our next (full moon) lunar eclipse on the 18th carrying the same uplifting message of brilliant new ideas and breakthroughs in the midst of difficult times. You can feel inspired to find your place in the world and how you can make a difference. Truly unique and bright ideas offer vital opportunities in your career, your love life and your vision of all that you can be. Your destiny during this period may lead you towards a major career boost, or help you to build your future through a beautiful love life and family—that is, if you use this day wisely.

You are in the perfect position to use this New Moon for your benefit. You are often the hero for those you love and respect, and this will probably be no exception. You succeed in athletic events, creativity and love life, so focus on the innate power you sense.

Communication and education provide the key to success during this New Moon period. Romance and home life become important. Take time to listen to your deeper feelings, and then share them with your lover when you’ve found the right words. This could open the gates for exciting new experiences.

When your partner—or potential partner—seems frustrated and insecure, you have the right words for setting things right, whether it’s your love life or in business. Friends are also feeling fiery and bold. Listen carefully, then direct the conversation and any get-together will ultimately go smoothly.

Money is on your mind during this New Moon period, so you may be working harder than you’d planned, but this can bring you exactly what you’ve been looking for. Consider the things you value most when thinking about your career and future, and you will see some major positive changes.

This is your Leo New Moon on August 2nd, so the focus is on your special abilities and talents. This is a good time to put your clever thoughts into form. A sexy encounter could become more serious than you expected. Have fun with it and see if this is something that you’d want.

You are feeling sharp and capable, but at the same time, you want some quiet time to explore the inner you. In fact, you’re feeling creative in a whole new way. Begin to focus on ways to monetize all those great new ideas. One of the ways you’ve transformed happily is by being better at accepting compensation for all that you do.

Friends are so vivid in your life right now, and that’s a good thing. Watch them spread their wings, applaud their growth, and they’ll be there when you reach for the sky over the next year. While romantic and business relationships may have been a bit unpredictable lately, you’ll go into a period of more stability soon.

You’ve already begun the process of building your future, and you’re ready to have those dreams happen. You’re clear that this should enhance your finances, too, so focus on projects that serve both you and others. Career dreams can happen this month as long as you work hard and are clear about your terms to others.

Education, along with your personal and spiritual growth, will be emphasized this month. It’s a great time for brilliance in sports, creative efforts and surprise love-making, as well. Just take care not to get carried away in any of these areas. Make sure to look after yourself, and you’ll have a spectacular August.

Your feelings are even more intense than they have been over the past few years, so you’re really digging into your own psyche. That’s a good thing. You’ll have new insights into what works best for you in your life. Kind and thoughtful communication serves your interests in love and career.

You’re thinking about what works best in all of your relationships this month. Friends may be a bit difficult to deal with, but you can make it all work through compromise and making them feel good about themselves. A surprise communication can really serve your best interests.

Work, work, work. That’s not exactly what you had in mind for this month, but you’ll have more energy than expected and the results will help you financially. Just know that you’ll enjoy the end results. A release from old pain is also something of a surprise. It might even involve a change at work. Welcome it.

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