Neptune Retrograde

If you’ve been hiding your head in the sand about something in your life, retrograde Neptune can shine a light on your issue so you can see things clearly. Yes, we know – Neptune is the planet of illusion, dreams, drugs and denial. So how will it help your clarity?

From May 28 – November 4, 2009, Neptune’s retrograde motion will heighten your sensitivity to issues that have been hiding under the surface of your consciousness. During its yearly retrograde period, Neptune has the power to sweep away the psychic fog that keeps you in the dark. So over the next five months, you may discover an issue that keeps you from growing, or a long-lost dream that you need to explore.

Your inner world
At first, however, you may feel baffled by the emergence of something hidden (or semi-hidden) that’s suddenly in your face. It’s important to get in touch with any new feelings that arise. You don’t want to slam the door on your newfound awareness. Take some time to analyze what’s happening with you. Ask yourself if it’s something positive that you need to act on, or something negative that you need to eliminate from your life. Then take some steps to deal with it.

If you choose denial over awareness, a backlash may occur after Neptune turns direct in the fall. Disillusionment or a vague sense of dissatisfaction can be the repercussions of ignoring Neptunian lessons. Whatever is stuck in your psyche will affect you, one way or another.

Psychic sponge syndrome
Retrograde Neptune can also make you exceedingly sensitive to the feelings of others, especially people you’re close to. As such, you need good emotional boundaries so you don’t take on someone else’s negativity. If you suddenly feel depleted or confused, and nothing obvious has happened to make you feel that way, look to see if someone in your vicinity is feeling out of sorts. Then do something to get rid of the bad vibes, like a calming meditation or a stroll through the park – whatever makes you feel more centered. Needless to say, avoid negative people whenever possible.

Drugs and denial
Because Neptune rules mood-altering substances, beware of overindulging in drugs and alcohol, especially during Neptune’s retrograde period. This influence can make you especially susceptible to the illusionary effects of substances, which will diminish your clarity and cloud your judgment. Substances can also block the pathways between your unconscious and conscious mind. It’s like drawing a curtain across the window overlooking your inner life. You won’t grow if you can’t see what’s going on inside you.

Neptune’s blessings
Heeding Neptune’s messages through introspection, meditation, dream analysis or therapy will illuminate negative feelings that keep you stuck. The increased awareness that retrograde Neptune brings can help you make wiser choices so you can become the director of your own destiny.

Critical dates…

July 1-3: Lack of clarity in romance is likely when Neptune squares Venus and Mars at the beginning of July. Try not to make any major decisions regarding your relationship. It’s also a tricky time to embark on a new relationship. Your prospective partner may not be what they seem, or you may misinterpret their intentions, so check them out thoroughly and take your time.

July 1-8: The Mars-Neptune clash continues for another few days, which can prompt you to take action on the wrong project (or person!). Think before you leap.

July 30-31: Miscommunications and cloudy judgment are likely when Neptune opposes Mercury at the end of July. Double-check your communications, documents and contracts.

Mid-September: The Neptune-Venus opposition heightens artistic inspiration but is a poor time for making choices in relationships.

The purpose of Neptune is to show us the pathway to our spiritual source. It also dissolves the boundaries that keep people apart and helps us see that we are one spiritual family. Perhaps most important, Neptune is the planet of compassion that connects us all through love.

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