Mother’s Day Astrology: Your Mother House

Your Mother House

Mom’s Place In Your Chart

This Mother’s Day, a look at mom’s place in your chart can be very revealing about not only your relationship with her, but every relationship in your life and each choice you make. Your entire view of the world around you was influenced by your early years with her. Even if you weren’t with your biological mom during those times, your mother figure still guides you and impacts your life every day.

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How You Take Care of Humanity

Mom is that voice in your head, and most astrologers put mom at the top of your chart. That makes sense as that is your professional image and your career focus. How you want to take care of humanity is based on how she took care of you. This is what we call the 10th house. The parents are shown at the foundation and the culmination of your chart. They are what grounds you and whose approval you seek or whose failings you want to stretch beyond. So this Mother’s Day, let’s look more deeply into your mother’s influence to better understand yourself:


Mom may seem too serious, but she makes it clear that you could reach whatever height in life you desire through sheer will and hard work—and she believes in you. If you experience the negative, less supportive side of Aries’ mom, she still drives you to your highest goals by your fighting to be more than she could be.


Mom’s different approach to life is an inspiration to you and an important experience to show you how life works. As the grounded, earth-smart person you were born to be, Mom’s experiments in life have given you invaluable knowledge, and a perspective that makes you a winner.


Mom has a rather romantic “big picture” of life. She understands love, but lacks your skill in putting it into real words and actions. As Mom went with the flow, you noticed the touchstones along the way that would make life navigable. Her unspoken influence brings out your command of language.


Mom has amazing energy and she taught you how to get things done for yourself. Mom’s efforts have been heroic, even if they didn’t appear so. You may have felt a need for more cuddling or attention at times, but you know that she was working hard at doing the best that she could in life for both of you.


Mom knows how to live in this world, and shows you how beautiful both you and life can be. Her steady hand and sense of self have helped you develop a very grounded and strong self-expression. Even if she seems self-absorbed at times, that only serves to make you more inclined to share yourself with others in a powerful way.


Your mom is full of thoughts and ideas and expresses them well. Her intelligence serves you, and even if those early ideals and impressions that she offered didn’t find a solid place in real life, you’ve been driven to fulfill them yourself. Mom offers the inspiration and you have the cleverness and ability to follow through on those amazing offerings.


Your mother is an insightful creature with vast instincts into how life’s currents surround and affect you. She’s made you aware of how humans interact in the most sensitive ways, so you’re always the perfect diplomat when required. You feel what’s going on beneath the surface of things as mom taught you, mostly non-verbally.


Mom is a powerful, outward-reaching influence in your life that actually made you more introspective. Her need for constant feedback from others taught you to be wise and cautious in your personal interactions. She is an inspiration that has you looking inward for those personal treasures that you have to offer.


Mom always worked hard, and always wanted more for you than she had. She may seem too intense in the details of how to get things done, while you always have a bigger view. In the end, that all balances to make you the effective, inspiring leader you are—someone who can teach others to be all that they can be.


The foundation that mom provides in life is a deep understanding of how humans build fundamental and real human networks to accomplish something greater. She’s shown you how we need each other to reach our individual goals, and the energy it takes to achieve your dreams.


Mom has shown you the instincts that ground your efforts to reach the new, unique accomplishments that you envision for yourself. She might have often focused so much on family issues and privacy that you reacted by reaching out to the world with abandon. A balance of both your views makes your dreams a reality.


Your mom always had the big picture of life and always knew that you could reach the stars. Her grand view of you may seem overwhelming—causing you to wonder how you could live up to what she sees. In the end, your mom is about love in its most generous sense—something both of you happily share.

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