Moon in Pisces

Fantasy collides with reality today as the Moon in Pisces opposes stoic Saturn. Pisces heightens your imagination. If you find yourself daydreaming and unable to concentrate, it’s the Fish that has your brain in a fog. However, taskmaster Saturn (in the form of your boss or partner) will undoubtedly remind you to focus on the task at hand. On the bright side, Pisces’ imaginative energy can assist with projects that need creative input. You’ll just need to sidestep your inner editor/critic (Saturn), which will put down any new ideas you come up with. The good news is, by merging your creativity with practicality, you can turn your ideas into concrete form – with a little help from Saturn.

5 thoughts on “Moon in Pisces

  1. Malia

    i am insatiably in love with a scorpio, but im afraid his intensity will cause me to have a child! he is wild and so deep that he annot control himself sometimes…. plz help….

  2. shainman

    To: Apral, im in a mirrorr image just a little ahead of you.not much but find you’re distance and keep the balance without crossing the line if at all possable. find you’re self alone first and love what you are…

  3. april

    i am trapped in A VICIOUS CYCLE of love where i keep getting hurt but because i truely love the person and they love me but isnt ready to give me the love i deserve he is the father of my soon to b 10 year old son its killing me because i love him so much it hurts and no matter how ive tried over the last decade we cant seem to leave each other alone and my heart just cant take no more what do i do? how do i get over something so strong and move the F on im sick 2 death of it.


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