Mercury’s influence in Sagittarius

On November 13th, the planet Mercury moves into the visionary sign of Sagittarius. Ruler of communication, Mercury influences both the way we think and how we express ourselves. Those born when Mercury is in Sag are known for enthusiastic optimism, big picture thinking and honesty in the name of justice. On the downside, they’re not great with details, can be organizationally challenged and sometimes have trouble staying grounded. So how can you harness the energy of this influence to strengthen your communication skills without losing your grip on reality? Here are guidelines for getting what you want during this transit.

Think big
Mercury in the sign of the adventurer encourages us all to challenge ourselves. Look beyond what your rational mind tells you is possible and imagine a destiny you’ve only occasionally dared to dream about (if ever). Whether it’s pursuing your dream job, finding your perfect mate or having an impact on a global problem, use these three weeks (Mercury leaves Sag on December 5) to go for the gusto. Set your mind on your goal and (just as importantly) voice your intention aloud. The current forces encourage energetic outward expression and under Mercury in Sag you’ll not only be inspired, but inspirational! Translation? Be mindful and you’ll find you have the charm and eloquence necessary to convert supporters to your cause.

Speak gently
On that note, while Mercury in Sag may imbue you with the ability to win people over (mostly likely by telling the truth), this influence also brings with it the tendency to be blunt… so watch your tongue, as it’s likely to be sharp at this time. There’s a difference between being honest and being harsh. If you want to be sure your big ideas come across in a way where others can get on board (whether it’s convincing your boss you’ve got what it takes to tackle a tough year-end project or asking your object of amour to take the next steps in your relationship), it’s vital that you communicate in a clear, concise and – most importantly – kind sort of fashion.

Follow through
Finally, while those born under Mercury in Sag have a tendency to overshoot, it’s not because their goals are unrealistic (necessarily), but rather because they lack the attention to detail needed to make a practical plan and execute it. Don’t let this happen to you! Having hooked yourself into the cosmos in order to envision your fantastic future, hunker down and get into details of how you intend to achieve it. If you find this (vital) step difficult, stop for a second and take a breath. You’ll need to come back here later if there’s any hope of turning your dreams into reality, but Mercury in practical Capricorn will make things easier starting December 5th. Just don’t dawdle. You’ve only got a 3 week window before it goes Retrograde on December 26th!

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