Your Mercury Retrograde Horoscope: Mistakes and Dreams

Mistakes and Dreams

 Mercury Retrograde Demands Action

Many of you have probably heard others blaming nearly everything that doesn’t go smoothly in life on Mercury Retrograde. Actually, Mercury Retrograde is simply a time to correct old mistakes and address those dreams you have in life that haven’t been completed. This period insists that we adapt to real life details.

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This is a special time with powerful opportunities, as it begins within a week of a solar eclipse and the autumnal equinox, as well as Saturn entering Sagittarius for the next few years. We also have an exact opposition of Neptune and Jupiter. These are all huge indicators that your long-held hopes and ideals will be staring you in the face, demanding action.

All dreams can find real form at this time—as long as you’re willing to make the effort. Do tend to those Virgo details. No great accomplishment has happened without that attention and persistence.

Each sign has its own area of opportunities:


Build a loving bridge between you and your soulmate while discovering common ground to face your enemies with honesty rather than blind anger. You’ve been working on this for awhile and it comes to life between the solar eclipse on September 13 and when Mercury retrogrades on September 17. Your future is a winner with this approach.


Mid-September/Mid-October brings an intense focus on your love and creative efforts. It’s time to correct old miscommunications so that you can speak from your heart. Letting go of old issues opens the door to the love and support you’ve unconsciously craved. Joy and freedom are the results.

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Home is the loving place where you heal yourself and it’s within you. This loving center has been hard to define lately—something you’re so good at doing normally. Just let it all take a natural form and love and art will have no separation for you. It’s the source of your beautifully communicative being.


Gather with your nearest and dearest during mid-September. You and those you love create harmonious, loving energy to begin a great future as you let go of old wounds. Those who have hurt you will look silly in your rearview mirror—the place where Mercury Retrograde appears and releases you. You’ll love your new life.


You are so full of high energy and sexy ideas that want to find form. Mid-September brings the time to rethink how you communicate these new impressions to help them take form. A new creative venture from the heart is going to be the focus of your life over the next few years. Build relationships with your partner and your supporters.


You are reaching beyond so many boundaries and learning so much about yourself and others that it’s a bit overwhelming. Use this Mercury Retrograde period in late September to reorganize your thoughts and find that clear communication you love. You’ll suddenly be able to express things that have previously been ill-defined, such as how much you love someone or what dreams you know you’ll reach.

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With this Mercury Retrograde period in your sign, you’ll be reinventing the ways that you express yourself in a truly fundamental way. Really digging into the deepest parts of your soul, as uncomfortable as that may be at first, will help you be free to reach large groups of people with your message of kindness and beauty.


You have been working for so long to build a new reality and you’re at the final point before your breakthrough. Just have a bit more patience from mid-September through mid-October to find the perfect language for who you want to be to the world. Once you’ve handled this last challenge, you’ll be amazed at the new life your word can create.


Use this Mercury Retrograde period of mid-September to mid-October to rethink and begin establishing the foundation for your new life. At the beginning of 2015, Saturn first put a “toe” into your sign. Now it’s visiting for over two years when you’ll be working hard to make your dreams real.


During this Mercury Retrograde period, you’re creating clarity in your image and your reality in the world. Start with speaking clearly all that you want to accomplish. You’ll be drawing on the deepest part of your earthy soul to make a difference and serve your planet and the people you love.

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Review and renew old studies during this Mercury Retrograde to realize how you can bring all of that inspiration and information into a cohesive form. You may decide to teach what you’ve learned or travel the earth completing an even larger project. Follow your heart once you’ve sorted your store of knowledge to share.


Examine what you’ve invested in during this Mercury Retrograde. Is the passion and love you’ve poured into that relationship or creative work bringing you satisfaction? If not, review how you’ve expressed yourself in the past and really focus on how to convey your message to reach others. You’ll know you’ve succeeded when you begin soaking in the return of that love you’ve created.

One thought on “Your Mercury Retrograde Horoscope: Mistakes and Dreams

  1. Mary L

    Prayer and forgiveness are keys to any relationship. When the vow says “In sickness and health”… that means that we go that extra mile when the person has certain needs. It is also good to let go and let God help so we don’t carry the responsibility of another’s choices. Compassion continues as people heal and grow. The joy of the LORD is my strength…in my
    weakness’ HE us strong.
    Thank you Teva for your advice.


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