Mercury Retrograde: Double Checking and Guarding

Double Checking and Guarding

Something May Go Awry

It’s that time again! Mercury will be retrograde from April 28 until the morning of May 22, in Taurus. So what does that mean for you?

Mercury Retrograde Derails Whatever is Under its Domain

Mercury retrograde is notorious for derailing communications, which include emails, negotiations, contracts, leases, research, paperwork, writing and speaking. Travel is also under Mercury’s domain. Activities involving any of the above will need to be double-checked to guard against misunderstandings and mistakes. And be sure to back up your computer! Even then, something may go awry.

Retrograde Mercury is here! Call an astrology psychic and prepare yourself for this cosmic energy.

But There is an Upside

It’s best not to launch an activity during Mercury retrograde. Any plans or agreements you make will likely have to be redone to change or correct something. On the upside, retrograde periods are appropriate for reviews, revaluations and finishing projects you’ve put on the back burner. This is a good time for analyzing the past, organizing your computer files, digitizing old paperwork and reconnecting with old friends.

Taurus Rules

What’s more, because Taurus rules finances and material goods, you may be motivated to analyze your earnings and expenditures or go through your closet and donate items you don’t want. To find out how Mercury retrograde can affect you specifically, read your Sun and Ascendant signs below.


Mercury retrograde is traveling through your financial sector. Be mindful of financial transactions and try to avoid making a major decision that will affect your financial future. This is also not the time to purchase a big-ticket item, which you may wind up regretting. On the upside, this is a great time to review your finances, organize your living and work spaces and dispose of material items you no longer need.


It can feel like one step forward/two steps backward during Mercury retrograde in your sign. Moving ahead on your plans and even expressing yourself can be challenging. The best way to handle a cosmic roadblock is to stop and analyze what you’re trying to accomplish. Most likely there is something you’ve missed that you need to look at. On the upside, this is an excellent time to review your fitness regimen and personal aspirations to see if you’re heading in the right direction.


The past will be on your mind during Mercury retrograde. A discussion may come back to haunt you if there was something left unresolved. Finding a way to heal and release the situation will free you emotionally. Forgiving yourself and/or the other person for what was said will be part of the process. This is also an excellent time to analyze your communication skills to see if clarity, compassion and honesty influence your choice of your words.


Social plans and collaborations can go awry during Mercury retrograde. A group discussion may get thrown off track by someone’s oddball opinion or lack of cooperation. Conversely, this influence favors group discussions that focus on introspective topics, such as personal growth. This is also a good time to reach out to a long-lost friend, perhaps someone you knew in childhood, which can bring a sense of continuity to your life.


Activities connected to your career or another major goal you’re pursuing can get derailed during Mercury retrograde. Communications with a supervisor or accepting a job offer may not go as planned either. On the upside, this is an excellent time to review your projects and how you promote them to see if improvements can be made. Evaluating your long-term professional goals will bring insights that help you succeed.


Mercury retrograde can hinder pursuits that involve legal action, education or long-distance travel and communications. On the upside, you may be inspired to deepen your spiritual practices, evaluate your education or analyze where your future is headed. Are you on the path that’s right for you? If your path needs tweaking, make a list of activities and goals you need to eliminate that aren’t aligned with your ideals.


You may have trouble expressing yourself during a discussion about sex, debt or change during Mercury retrograde. Dealing with banks will be challenging too. On the upside, discussions about your inner life will help you heal old hurts and embrace forgiveness. Intimacy, powerlessness or vulnerability may be issues to look at. On a practical level, analyzing your debt can illuminate a better way to handle money.


Mercury retrograde in your sector of partnerships can derail plans or conversations with your significant other or business partner. You’ll need to be clear in your words and intentions to avoid a conflict. Even then, a misunderstanding is likely. This is actually a good time to talk about an old conversation if an issue needs to be resolved. This influence also favors analyzing how you communicate in your relationships.


Little stumbling blocks can derail your daily routine during Mercury retrograde. Miscommunications, missing details and changes of plans will test your patience. Interactions with healthcare professionals can be challenging too. On the upside, this is a great time to analyze your lifestyle, stress level and how you take care of your body to see where improvements can be made to achieve better health.


Mercury retrograde can make it difficult to express yourself to your lover or child, unless it’s to clear up a previous misunderstanding or heal an emotional issue. Your plans involving a vacation, party or creative project can go off the rails too. On the upside, this is a great time to analyze your love life and how you express love and affection. Completing a creative project is favored too.


Mercury retrograde in your sector of home life can upset plans and communications involving your property or family. This isn’t the time to launch a home-improvement project or plan a family vacation. Conversely, clearing up a previous misunderstanding with a family member will help heal the relationship. Talking about your childhood will bring a fresh perspective about your current relationships, goals and challenges.


Your mindset and how you communicate will be under scrutiny during Mercury retrograde. A misunderstanding can reveal a pattern in your communications or how you think you need to change. Being genuine, positive and straightforward will help you deal with any mishaps that occur. Travel will be affected too. On the upside, this is an ideal time to eliminate negative self-talk and analyze how you use words to express your feelings and ideas.

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