Mercury Retrograde 2016: The Beginning

Mercury Retrograde 2016: The Beginning

Rewind, Rethink and Review

It’s January, and today begins the first Mercury Retrograde of 2016. While planets don’t actually go backwards when they retrograde, we sometimes experience them as if they’re working in direct opposition to their true nature. Planets have “personalities.” They act one way in forward motion and one way in backward motion, or retrograde. Where they retrograde (in what zodiac sign/house) signifies how they will affect your Sun Sign.

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In addition to the usual caveats of Mercury Retrograde, such as avoiding big ticket purchases or signing documents, retrogrades also signal a time to rewind, review and rethink. It can also reacquaint you with some long-lost friends and even past relationships.

Mercury will not only retrograde this January, it will also be making some stellar angles (good and bad) to other planets. But you can make the most of this Mercury Retrograde by remaining positive and remembering that it won’t last forever. In fact, it’s only three weeks long. January’s Mercury Retrograde begins in Aquarius. Then Mercury will slip into Capricorn. Let’s look at the effects of Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius and how it will impact your Sun Sign and your life.


Mercury turns retrograde in your 11th house ruling visions, dreams and sometimes friendships. As the party-starter of the zodiac, you may be planning to get all the different friends in your life into one room. Alternatively, you may take part in a surprise or a secret.


Mercury Retrograde starts in your 10th house of career. Normally that might mean having to redo something you’ve done at work before, but with the help of Venus in your house of other people’s money, a higher-up may just be reviewing your year gone by before handing you a raise or bonus.


Having Mercury as your ruling planet means that you’re always affected by these retrogrades, even when others get a break. However, this retrograde starts in your 9th house—what a perfect way to look over the past year and philosophize about where you want to go in the year ahead.


When you experience a Mercury Retrograde in your 8th house, you’ll likely be redoing your files for the year ahead and getting a handle on credit accounts and balances due. It won’t be depressing; it will actually make you feel like you know where you stand and how you can tackle your obligations constructively.


Your partnerships (personal and professional) could be your main focus during the first full week of January. Whether or not that is true for you, one thing is for sure, it’s an ideal time to get in touch with your spiritual side. Consider taking more time for meditative pursuits to give you that peaceful, easy feeling.


With Mercury (your ruling planet) in your house of daily work and reputation, this retrograde begins by making you feel frustration around such matters. Not to worry. Things will quickly change and your good name will be celebrated once again. Avoid overreacting to criticism and remain confident.


This Mercury Retrograde begins in your house of speculation and special friendships. If you’re not having a rendezvous during the first week of January, you may find yourself investing in the lottery or some new invention. Venus has her hand in your money matters, so don’t overspend.


Mercury set out on his backwards trip in your house of family matters. Does someone in your immediate circle need a financial hand? You’ll be melancholy and more than willing to help. Just don’t go overboard and forget your own obligations.


Here’s a Mercury Retrograde that begins in a cerebral sign—which goes so well with your philosophical side. This all works well if you’re looking at your closest relationships and what they mean to you. Thoughts become verbal expressions you convey with clarity.


Your house of money is Mercury’s focus as it sets out in retrograde. Perhaps you took off some time from work for the holidays and now you need to tap into your savings. Not to worry! You’ll make sure you replace whatever you take. Whatever the reason, it was worth it.


You start January and Mercury Retrograde taking a look inward. You may question what is and isn’t working in your life. How are you perceived by others? Do others see the real you? Self-confidence grows as you find that who you are is worth showing the world.


Mercury retrogrades in the land that dreams are made of. Your reputation precedes you thanks to Venus and the Full Moon. You’ll see your professional reputation grow through word of mouth, examples of work and personal observations.

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