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Though we most often associate astrology with chronology, what the future holds, and so on, the energy of our location also can be effectively interpreted through astrology. In many cases, the stars can tell us much about a new location, or a trip or even where to network with people.

You can shift the rising sign influence in your own life, for example by relocating one or two time zones to the west. In this case you may enjoy the influence of the previous rising sign. If you move one or two time zones to the east, the benefits of the rising sign will similarly follow suit. The house that defines partners and mates (opposite the new rising sign) is also affected.

Here’s a real life example. A woman born in Kansas City with Virgo rising moved to Los Angeles where she had Leo rising. There she lost 25 pounds and got in to show business (Leo) and aviation (Aquarius), because on the west coast these became her rising and partnership signs. In fact, she ended up marrying someone with an Aquarius rising. The changes can be this drastic.

So, let’s have fun with your chart! If you were born with —

Aries rising: If you would like to attract more money, affection and comfort, you would probably gain a new emphasis on these points with Taurus rising in your chart. If you would prefer artistic pursuits, moving west would be a plus with Pisces rising.
Partner/marriage house (see descriptions below): Moving East – Scorpio, West — Virgo.

Taurus rising: If you would like to have more energy/self-assertion, moving west would give you Aries rising to support this. Moving east would bring you a location for communications and writing (Gemini rising).
Partnership/Marriage house: East – Sagittarius, West — Libra.

Gemini rising: Now moving west would assist with more money and love (Taurus rising), while moving east would make you feel at home and maternal/paternal (Cancer). Partnership House: West – Scorpio, East — Capricorn.

Cancer rising: If you are looking for a location for better communications, moving west would be great with Gemini rising Moving east would bring you into leadership roles (Leo rising).
Partnership: West -Sagittarius, East–Aquarius.

Leo rising: Moving west would help you to find a more anchored home life (Cancer rising), and moving east would give you a great place for detailed work, and health focus (Virgo rising).
Partnership: West – Capricorn, East: Pisces.

Virgo rising: Moving west would bring you that Leo leadership role, while moving east would give you the charm and harmonious, lovely presentation of Libra.
Partnership: West – Aquarius, East – Aries.

Libra rising: Moving west would bring those health and work ethic qualities of Virgo, while moving east would give you the passion and investigative qualities of Scorpio. Partnership: West – Pisces, East — Taurus.

Scorpio rising: You could temper and balance your intensity and tendency toward “digging into the depths” with Libra charm by moving west. Moving east could bring you the abundance and fun of a Sagittarius rising.
Partnership: West – Aries, East — Gemini.

Sagittarius rising: Moving west would give you Scorpio rising’s great focus and sexual energy, while moving east would bring you the Capricorn rising determination/will for success.
Partnership: West – Taurus, East — Cancer.

Capricorn rising: Moving west would bring you more expansiveness and the fun of Sagittarius, while moving east would bring you Aquarian freedom and bright new thoughts.
Partnership: West: Gemini – East: Leo.

Aquarius rising: Moving west would ground you and give you career focus (Capricorn), while moving east would allow you more artistic expression and sensitivity (Pisces). Partnership: West: Cancer – East: Virgo.

Pisces rising: Moving west offers you the brilliance and freedom of Aquarius rising. Moving east offers you the energy and drive of Aries rising.
Partnership: West – Leo, East — Libra.

Potential types of mates emphasized in new location:
Aries: Go-getter, can be heroic.
Taurus: Appreciates “good things in life,” lovely home.
Gemini: Great communicator, agile.
Cancer: Home-loving, maternal/paternal.
Leo: Leadership qualities, displays confidence.
Virgo: Hard-working, health-oriented.
Libra: Attractive, charming.
Scorpio: Intense, sexy.
Sagittarius: Freedom-loving.
Capricorn: Career-oriented.
Aquarius: Free-thinker, innovator.
Pisces: Artist, musician, mystical.

Keep in mind, trips and people in these locations can have the same effect, if not as permanent as living in the new location. You really don’t have to wait for the right time to make things happen in your chart, you can just find the best location.

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