Legendary Leos in Literature

What do J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe and Beatrix Potter have in common? Aside from their connection to children’s tales, they were all born under the sign of Leo. Quite appropriate, really, since Leo represents children. Even fictional character Harry Potter has a Leo birthday on July 31, making him a magical mirror for Rowling, his creator as well as Radcliffe, the actor who portrays him.

Let’s take a deeper look into the lives of these connected Leos as seen through the looking glass of astrology:

The most striking Leo similarities are between writers J.K. Rowling and Beatrix Potter. Rowling is most known by now as the author of seven wildly popular books about a courageous young wizard named Harry Potter (courage being a typical Leo trait, by the way.) And as you may recall from your own childhood, Beatrix Potter was a British writer and illustrator who created such enduring characters as Peter Rabbit and his sisters, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail. Leos are known for their powerful creativity, and these two inventive authors are no exception. But they have much more in common than just their imaginative Sun signs.

Brilliance in the stars
Born 99 years apart, authors Rowling and Potter have seven placements in Virgo between them, indicating a superb talent for writing and strong attention to detail. Both women have Venus (artistry) and Mercury (writing) in Virgo. The ability to create fictional environments down to the last detail makes their stories engaging. Potter’s animal characters have human desires, foibles and even clothing – details which bring them to life. Rowling’s books are even more intricate. But then, she has a whopping five Virgo placements in her own chart. In addition to Mercury and Venus, she has Moon, Uranus and Pluto closely aligned in Virgo. The alignment with Uranus, the planet of brilliance, accounts for Rowling’s genius for creating a magical world of witches and wizards. And Pluto, the planet of the underworld, is the force behind the death theme that runs throughout the story, beginning with Harry being orphaned.

Age of Aquarius
The two women share an emotional connection as well, as seen by their Moon placements. Rowling’s Moon-Uranus conjunction mirrors Potter’s Moon in Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus. In other words, in true Aquarius fashion, their charts reveal two women with strong unconventional and humanitarian streaks. Potter was an avid conservationist. In fact, she bequeathed 4,000 acres of her property (in the Lake Distrcit) to the National Trust so everyone could enjoy the land. Rowling’s longest job was with Amnesty International, an organization that campaigns for human rights. She also supports numerous charities.

The sign of a writer
Of course, what famous author would be complete without planets in Gemini, the sign that represents writers and books? Potter had motivational Mars in Gemini. And Rowling has Jupiter, the planet of luck, in Gemini (surprise, surprise).

The sign of an actor
As for the young and handsome (and rich) Daniel Radcliffe, he’s a Leo and a half, with Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in the dynamic fire sign. Charismatic, generous and a true actor (Leo rules acting), Radcliffe was born to play the young wizard who is thrust into the role of leader, as befits his Sun sign, in a battle against evil forces. Along with Sun in Leo, Radcliffe shares Rowling’s Jupiter in Gemini. Like Rowling, his luck comes through books – his big film break sprang from the now-legendary work of literature. Again, how appropriate!

So what does all of this mean? Astrological parallels such as these remind us there are cosmic patterns that guide our lives. These patterns are clues that illuminate our search for creative expression and meaning in life. Whether we become authors, actors or wizards, astrology is one of the tools we can use to decipher our destiny.

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