Your Karma Horoscope for January 2014

 Values Shifting in 2014

Still in probing Scorpio, Saturn continues to wreak havoc—but the sort from which you’ll benefit!

Read on to find out what the ringed one has in store for you this month! Here’s your Karma Horoscope for January!


It hasn’t been as easy to change as you’d have hoped. However, one thing is for certain: You’re increasingly aware of the ongoing habits which no longer serve you which is the first step to shifting your behaviors.


This month is all about restructuring relationships. In this process, you must approach yourself critically and fearlessly. Only by honest assessment of your own flaws can you create a stronger foundation.


You’ve been busting your butt for some time now, Twins, and you’re probably feeling frustrated. You’ve also learned a lot and grown. Be prepared for a few last unknown details to manifest before this transit is done.

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It’s been slow going for you, Crab. The lesson of this transit is to take the long view. Trust that everything you’re doing is going to pay off—for you and those whom you hold dear.


In order to build new foundations at home, you’ll need to manage any baggage you’re still carrying. Either learn to let go and appreciate how you’ve grown, or find a way to complete with whatever it is that’s still bothering you.


Perception is the determinant of experience. Yours is shifting, Virgo. You may find yourself in a place you never could’ve foreseen, and the odds are good that’s so you can begin to see life at large from an entirely new point of view.


Having already endured Saturn in your sign (where she was before entering Scorpio), you’ve been in an external mode for some time. Make a singular exception now and build your internal assets as well as your material ones.


The key now is to connect to your deepest desires and begin to focus on them. Otherwise, Saturn’s obstacles will be meaningless diversions (albeit of the heavy, difficult to bear variety). Where do you want to go?

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What works for you and what doesn’t? Ask yourself this question in relation to every aspect of your life. The time is soon coming when you will be forced to let go of what doesn’t work. Might as well get a head start!


Saturn is doing her best by you and you’re making strides. One area where you must be diligent, however, is in conscious compromise. You cannot just bowl people over and expect to get ahead.


A lot is being asked of you Aquarius. If you want to prove your worth, you’re going to have to put in the effort. On the upside, if you do your job, you’ll experience the rewards and recognition tenfold.

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Everything is about expanding your horizons. Education, new experiences, conceptual understanding; these are the sorts of pursuits favored under this influence. You are entering a brave new world.

16 thoughts on “Your Karma Horoscope for January 2014

  1. Tira

    I’m in love with Greg, but as love does I did not expect to fall for him and it did not happen the right way. Should I trust it and follow my heart? I’m scared.

  2. helen king

    John Walker and I have dated about 3 years. At first we would kiss good night. For the past 2 years we just give
    each other a hug.What is it? Does
    he love me?

  3. Bella

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  4. heather

    I want to know if there is still hope for chris and I we have ben broken up for 3 months and went out on a date last night

  5. Bella

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  6. Bella

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  7. Janet Marks

    I wish I had the money to try a psychic. I am laid off going on ss disabilites (59 yrs old).
    Son is 26 laid off with a baby on the way and no insurance for himself. I do not have any money to call…..but someday when things start turning for the best, I think I will try to call one of you.

    Good luck in 2014 and helping others.


  8. Donna



  9. chuck

    This email use to be a wealth of good reading and interesting information but now one major topic and horoscope that’s it.
    Bring back the rest of the useful stories and information.
    Sincerely chuck

  10. Pauline

    I was a pca and loved it for 14 great yrs, not thinking of myself and protecting my client. I lost my job for doing the right thing. So please tell me with no money what good is going to come out from this for me


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