Your June Chinese Horoscope: Reflect, Rethink and Reboot

Reflect, Rethink and Reboot

Your Chinese Horoscope

In June, start the month carefully and then go for it! The Hibernating Snake gives us a good image that teaches us how to address life until the new moon on June 16. This period is perfect to reflect, rethink and reboot your plans for a better approach to the future. Be kind to yourself and move on.

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Any project you launch before June 16 requires very clear communications. The Way Horse comes as a breakthrough after this period of reassessment and completion. You are now taking the important initial steps to create fulfilling new relationships and career advancement. These are the days when your animal energies are at their peak. Here is your Chinese Horoscope!



If you can break away on June 5 and enjoy the beauty of nature, you’ll be inspired and happy as the Granary Rat. You manage a day full of intensity and surprises on June 17 by staying true to your ideals as the Rat on the Roof. Seek balance between your desire for freedom of spirit and need for romance on June 29 as the Field Rat.


Finally, some technical and communications issues will be resolved and love and money can flow on June 6 as you are the Ox by the Gate. Gentler, more romantic pursuits work best for you as the Sea Ox on June 18. Focus energies and plans around midday on June 30 when you are poised for magical opportunities as the Lake Buffalo.

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Your positive, soulful communications break through confusion on June 7 as you are the Tiger Standing Firm. You have charisma and the right words on June 19 to make that love or career connection as the Tiger in the Forest.


Idealistic feelings are strong on June 8 as you’re the Enlightened Rabbit. Be cautious regarding details, as they can be missed today. June 20 is a perfect day to take in a film or concert, or for your own romantic performance as the Rabbit Dreaming of the Moon.


June 9 is a day for healing and learning as the Dragon in the Sky. Someone you feel you’ve lost will return to you, but in a different role. June 21 is a perfect day to relax and enjoy spiritual and creative pursuits as you are the Dragon of Pure Virtue.

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Positive passions run high on June 10 on this Snake in the Pool day/Snake month. Use this energy to show your love and loyalty to others. Today’s challenges on June 22 can transform your life to achieve your deepest desires as the Snake of Happiness.


You’re full of sexy vitality on June 11 as the Horse in the Stable. Combine this inspiration with political savvy to make those dreams happen. Positive change surrounds you on June 23 and you are blessed as the Palace Horse. Take care to communicate clearly.


You can finally relax and indulge on June 12 as the Sheep in the Pasture. Frustrations are disappearing and the world is looking more beautiful. Your charm and diplomacy can change the course of events as you are the Lucky Sheep on June 24.


Give careful thought before acting or speaking on June 1 as the Independent Monkey. Passionate intensity energizes your day on June 13. Just don’t overindulge as the Monkey Eating Fruit. On June 25 your genuine enthusiasm and cooperative attitude get you through the surprises you encounter as the Elegant Monkey.

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On this full moon day of June 2 you’re the Cock Pecking for Food. You’re persistent knowing that what you’re offering is excellent. Align words, feelings and responsibilities on June 14 for success as the Caged Rooster. Take positive action regarding your sense of security on June 26 as the Barnyard Rooster.


Dig deeply within for innovative ideas on June 3 as the Temple Dog. Universal consciousness is accessible today. June 15 is the perfect day for you as the Watch Dog to see a path clearing for your goals. On June 27 as the Guard Dog your words are tied to your sense of destiny.


June 4 is an action day. Move with compassion, thoughtfulness and a love of beauty/mystery as the Farmer Pig. As the Pig in the Forest on this June 16 new moon, energy, compassion and intelligent debate open doors for you. June 28 brings serious family and emotional considerations, followed by and evening of freedom as the Traveling Pig.

2 thoughts on “Your June Chinese Horoscope: Reflect, Rethink and Reboot

  1. Marc from the UK

    Well I cannot wait for mine to come true, being the Dragon, Ahem, yes the leader of the zodiac lol!

    Looking forward to seeing if that someone will come back, life has moved on and new starts are welcome 😉
    The Dragon of pure virtue, My I do have my work cut out but hey someone has got to do it !

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Well, I’m a monkey….

    Soooooo…….I guess ” Monkey eating fruit ” ( me ) had better watch that she doesn’t stray from her diet, around 6/13 so she can really look like ” The elegant monkey ” and fit into her skinny jeans around 6/25. lol lol


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