Your June Chinese Horoscope: The Palace Horse

Your Chinese Horoscope for June: The Palace Horse

June is the Month of the Palace Horse when so much of life is centered on elegance, style and an earthy sensuality. Yet communications are important as well. If you express your ideals with clarity and in a way that others see the benefits, they will support your dreams. June 27 brings the Month of the Lucky Sheep when timing is everything as energies shift and new opportunities arise.

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Your personal animal days in June bring the perfect times for you to express the beauty within you in ways that really reach others

Find your Chinese animal below. Just search by your birth year and then enjoy your Chinese Horoscope!



Your intelligence shines and brings success June 10 as you are the Rat on the Mountain. If you build others’ confidence you create even more as a team and earn their respect. Emotional intensity helps drive you to success on June 22 as the Rat on the Roof.


Your positive, healthy attitude on June 11 opens you to great creative ideas as the Ox by the Gate. It can bring romance and sexy encounters too. On the morning of June 23, focus on what gives you pleasure and get things accomplished. Then enjoy your day of the Sea Ox.

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Your loyalty to the people you love and your fearlessness in the face of challenges on June 12 brings joy as the Tiger Standing Firm. It’s all about romance and idealistic actions on June 24. As the Tiger in the Forest on this dreamy, sexy day, you find loving commitment.


June 1 offers a new-found sense of security as you are the Rabbit Leaving the Forest. Balance thoughts with feelings for clear communications on June 13 as the Enlightened Rabbit. You make progress communicating your ideals on June 25 as you are the Rabbit Dreaming of the Moon.


June 2 is a day of action and change. Make use of your brilliant ideas as the Dragon in the Whirlpool. Loving actions soothe others’ upsets on June 14 as the Dragon in the Sky. June 26 brings new beginnings to pursue your dreams as the Dragon of Pure Virtue.


You are a powerful catalyst for intelligent change on June 3 as the Snake Leaving a Hole. The morning of June 15 is perfect for self-reflection and healing as the Snake in the Pool. June 27 brings creativity and exciting surprises as you are the Snake of Happiness.


On June 4, your words and elegant creations are really effective. You move others emotionally as the Traveling Horse. You are full of energy and have opportunities to take action on June 16 as the Horse in the Stable. Enjoy breakthroughs and seize your power on June 28, the day of the Palace Horse.

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June 5 is a day to focus on what’s positive and you’ll find success on this day of the Lost Sheep. June 17 is a romantic day to share memories and affection as the Sheep in Pasture. June 29 is a perfect day for a getaway full of amazing inspiration as this is both the Month and Day of Lucky Sheep.


Use the morning for romantic planning and creativity on June 6. Then put these ideas into sexy action or creative form during the evening as the Independent Monkey. June 18 is a serious day when you build toward success as the Monkey Eating Fruit. Your enthusiastic energy on June 30 brings delight as the Elegant Monkey.


June 7 is a busy day full of surprises. Take care with communications for love and success as the Cock Pecking for Food. June 19 is a good day to go slowly and finish old projects as the Caged Rooster. Once completed, you’re ready for new ideas and opportunities in the afternoon.


June 8 is a day when you feel in harmony with spirit and soul as the Temple Dog. You are the Watch Dog on June 20 as you look after what is best for yourself and everyone else through a day of major surprises. You maintain the calm for others.

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Intense, romantic communications are effective on June 9, the day of the Farmer Pig. You’ll have exciting ideas on the morning of June 21 as the Pig in the Forest. Plan to use them in the evening for happy, sexy results. Paint pictures with words on May 28 as the Monastic Pig. This lays the groundwork to your future.

6 thoughts on “Your June Chinese Horoscope: The Palace Horse

  1. Jeannine

    Hi there,
    Thanks for the horoscopes. One thing that would make the chinese horoscopes better is info on the date of their new for the years. Their new year falls in February. So say forinsatnce some on like me is born on the 5th in 1978. The new year that year started on the 6th. So every one born before the 6th in 1978 is a snake not a horse. Most people don’t know this so many February babies get inaccurate discriptions of their chinese zodiac sign. It may be helpful to include info regarding the new date for that year to clear up misinformation.

    Thank you for your time.

  2. Shahid Ahmed Khan

    Thanks Dear
    I do enjoy yrs comments. I like horses, mostly Running horses.
    I will always remain thankful to you.

    Please takecare of yours self

    With regards

  3. Marc from the uk

    Wowsa. I’m dragon so this is cool! I was saying recently to close friends that I feel I’m on the cusp of positive changes. So this ia just fabbo news 🙂


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