Your July Money Horoscope: Money on the Move

Your Money Horoscope: Monumental Moves

The planets closest to us affect our personal lives, while the larger, outer planets affect the population in general. In your July Money Horoscope there are some monumental moves in motion both near and far.

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One planet that seems to be constantly on the move is Mercury, and this month Mercury ends its second retrograde of the year on July 1. Mercury will occupy three signs this month, and that planet alone can constantly change the tone or your Money Horoscope. Your job in July is to stay steady and on-point where finances are concerned.

The Luckiest Day of the Year

The big news this month revolves around the planet of expansion and living large—Jupiter. It changes signs mid-month and moves from Cancer to Leo where it will be for the next year. A stellar day for everyone will be July 24 when Jupiter conjuncts the Sun. Some astrologers consider this to be the luckiest day of the year.

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Jupiter, the planet of expansion, moves into your house of investments and speculations for the next full year. However, Uranus (the planet of unpredictability and unexpected events) is currently in your sign and it’s about to retrograde through December. Be careful with money and if you invest in anything, do it wisely and double check facts and figures.

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With Venus about to move into your house of communications, ideas, writing and being heard, unusual opportunities may present themselves. Accept all invitations and give every opportunity a chance—you never know! Your July Money Horoscope could be a life-changer.


Venus will enter your house of money-in-and-out on the 12th. She’ll help you make money and spend it as well. When Jupiter and the Sun line up on the 24th, it’s the luckiest day of the year for everyone, especially you. This is the day to buy that lottery ticket.


Larger-than-life Jupiter leaves your sign on the 16th and enters your money house for one full year. With Venus in your sign and Jupiter, the Sun and the New Moon in your second house during the second-half of July, you can really increase your bank balance this year, starting with your July Money Horoscope.


July is a big astrological month for you, Leo. Lucky, savvy Jupiter moves into your house of self on the 16th, providing you with a soft cushion in money matters for the next year. In addition, the 24th could be especially lucky for you when the Sun and Jupiter join forces in your sign. The Leo New Moon on the 26th marks a new year for you and your Money Horoscope.

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With Mercury and Venus in your career house during the first half of the month, you’re on-point and your dedication will result in recognition. Also, on the 24th when Jupiter hugs the Sun, you should welcome the money beams coming from Mercury and Saturn. It’s a good month.


Mid-month, Saturn, the karmic taskmaster, goes direct in your house of money. If you haven’t learned to manage your money by now, the lesson will resume. Assuming you have, however, then there are two aspects occurring on the 24th that will boost your Money Horoscope and help you form a plan for moving forward.


With Venus in your house of shared money until the 18th, taking care of joint resources is favored. The best day in your July Money Horoscope comes on the 13th when Venus forms an angle to Mars in the partnership sign of Libra. It’s a great day for love and co-mingled finances.


Uranus begins its retrograde phase on July 21. However, around the 6th, you have an extraordinary opportunity to seek out financial partners in business or to get assistance through some sort of investment, just as long as you’re sure it’s the right deal for you.

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Practicality is kind of your specialty, so after the New Moon on the 26th and for the next couple of weeks following, double-check your household budget just to make sure everything is working to your liking. Joint finances will be the focus of your July Money Horoscope.


You’re still under Neptune’s influence where money is concerned, so instead of giving up on trying to get ahead, try to handle money matters creatively. However, don’t sign any agreements in July without professional advice.


Making connections and intuitively finding the jobs or jobs that fit your plan will be the focus of your July Money Horoscope. You want financial freedom—it’s your goal. While you’re busy planning how to attain this, take the advice of someone who offers it and let them be an inspiration.

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  1. James Redden

    My birthday is Aug. 27 1950, I desperately need to know if the VA is going to give me a raise on my disability check.

  2. Marian

    I was told by several astrologers that my date of birth is Pisces and that I am to have a very good year this year about money,. I was told my lucky day would be july 24 a possible lottery win or money coming in from somewhere like a inheritance to this day still no lottery win or inheritance. My date of birth is feb 19 1959 1;05 am montreal quebec Canada. Can astrologers say if this is a money year for pisces

  3. Judith Dombroskie

    Having health issues right now. Need to make a life changing decision, I need to know what to do. PLEASE HELP????

  4. Nadia shair

    I am about to lose my house . Iam in depts please can you help me what to do i don,t want to lose the house.

  5. LJ

    Dear Readers: To answer Rodolfo’s question and probably everyone else’s question when it comes to winning money fast and big – July 24th would be a good day to buy a lottery ticket. And if anyone is looking for their lucky number, call a gifted psychic and get a numerology reading. Thanks for all the comments. I’m sorry if I can’t answer some of your questions, but there are plenty of answers on the California Psychics blog related to love, money and manifestation. And of course, the great CP psychics are always at your disposal. Make an investment in your future and call a psychic.

  6. James W.

    When will I win a huge amount of money? The last 49 years of living haven’t been financially great for me. I seem to give out more money than I EVER receive it. PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS MONEY ISSUE!! Thanks!

  7. roda sampinit

    thank you very much, and my zodiac sign vergo, but how to become a true love and how to became a money this month,..and i would like to all but i know in my life now i am a done ….and how to solve my problm in my life ….. coz, i am always to support my family all i need that and pls guide me always and thanks…


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