Your July 2018 Partial Solar Eclipse Horoscope

Your July 2018 Partial Solar Eclipse Horoscope

A Transformative Partial Solar Eclipse

Eclipses have been used for predictive astrology for a long time. Emperors and kings relied on their powers. Even today, eclipses are considered periods when the “windows between worlds are wide open.” The partial solar eclipse on July 12 is part of an eclipse cycle that started in 792 when Charlemagne ruled Europe. It dies in 2036, a blink of an eye from now in eclipse terms.

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This eclipse will give you a view of what to address in your life. This will likely feel overwhelming, so an astrology psychic can assist you.


Look at the roots of your family to understand your relationships. To finish the summer with the best relationships possible, give thanks for the love your family offers and discard ideas that don’t work. Flexibility and new ideas are essential during this partial solar eclipse.


This eclipse period encourages you to consider loving communications. Partners can offer guidance, so listen closely. However, they may not be specifically speaking about your relationship. Just follow what you hear from within.


This eclipse period begins with your need to consider your personal values and relationships. Clearly expressing your ideas to employers, clients, parents, and partners serves you well. However, they need to understand your willingness to work for what you love.


This partial solar eclipse has the Sun and Moon in your sign. As a result, partners will be intense. In fact, they could really disrupt the status quo. While standing your ground is important, you should compromise when necessary. Communicate carefully with family about money too.


You’ll want to take quick action in social situations. Also, you’ll want to consider how your options impact your workplace or well-being. Remember, while outrage is effective, rage isn’t. Therefore, let your feelings turn into something kind and nurturing instead.


You speak the truth for love, motherhood, and the loss felt when relationships change. It doesn’t have to be actual separation. It could just be the overwhelming sense that life and relationships change too quickly. Issues of sexuality could also be at the root of what’s going on. It’s just best to remain open.


Your home life and career may require adjustments. The good news is that your friends help you approach your new situation. It’s clear you want something that brings you a deeper sense of satisfaction, including helping your partners help themselves.


Your approach to this partial solar eclipse is to share your wishes and the need to explore ideas, the world, and life. You might also need to take a creative and even childlike approach to share your message. Also, challenges at work can be easily addressed if you’re prepared for them.


Begin adjusting your values and money. Letting go of old ways of thinking in these areas can help you. Friends can also give you good advice regarding your course of action while you speak in creative terms and focus on healing others.


You’ll be an agent of transformation during this partial solar eclipse. Consider supporting the futures of those you love and all of humanity. However, give serious thought before acting. Meanwhile, respecting old sources of power can serve you if you’re certain this power benefits you and your family’s future.


You can be a great voice for your friends or the public if you’re not shy about challenging those who would damage your well-being in order to preserve their power. Hard work is certainly required of you. The good news is you’ll find the deepest satisfaction by standing up for what you love and treasure.


You can provide the best expression of love during this partial solar eclipse. Your artistic pursuits and the children in your life reflect the spiritual windows available to you. Friends are also motivating, along with your deepest desires which need a safe place to live.

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