Imperfections by Sign

Many people turn to Astrology in hopes of deciphering which Sun Sign
indicates the perfect mate for them. Fire signs are cherished for their
passion, while Earth signs are often sought out for their stability and
sensuality. You can’t beat an Air sign if intellect and lots of energy
are your personal turn-ons, and if it’s emotion you crave Water signs
are definitely the way to go.

Each Sign of the Zodiac blesses those born under their watch with an infusion of characteristics and traits, but not every attribute is going to be perfectly charming. Every sign also has at least one annoying or undesirable trait. While these characteristics may serve us well in everyday life, they may also be amplified -or even cause problems – in our romantic relationships.

The truth is, it is highly unlikely that any one of us will ever find, or become, “the perfect mate.” So, while no one is perfect, with a little effort we can learn to give those we love a little slack in these areas, and tone down some of our own bigger flaws as well, for the sake of our relationships.

Leo may shine as brightly as the sun, but Lions sometimes need to accept that they aren’t necessarily the center of the universe. Recognize that when your ego expands, it can do so with enough force to clear a room.

Virgo is the sign of those who can literally worry themselves to death. What they may not realize is that when they are stressed, their worries tend to be expressed as powerful, painful criticism. These gentle beings don’t recognize their own strength. A little self-observation – and restraint – can hold off a tirade of belittling complaints.

Libra believes everything can be balanced, but during the process may tip the scales narcissistically in one direction. When it appears that your partner is becoming unreasonable or too demanding, it would be wise to look at the situation in terms of “we,” rather than “me.” Do this, and the balance you seek may accidentally appear!

Scorpio has a thing for being in control, which translates into being controlling. Whether you know it or not, you are the masters of silent manipulation. We all know you like to finish on top, but when it comes to relationships, ask yourself if you’re just in it for the game. Or is it really your partner’s heart you’re trying to win?

Sagittarius needs to recognize that their eternal restlessness is a personal issue, not a relationship issue. Your partner loves your free spirit and your independence, but they also want to feel like a part of your life. If you want love to last, then accept that relationship responsibility doesn’t have to equal restriction – but it must encompass partnership.

Capricorn may believe that they are always right (and most of the time, they are!), but they should be open to accepting that their partner has the right to disagree. If you are a more insecure Capricorn, you must also understand that dependence doesn’t create love security.

Aquarius independence can be hard for others to understand – so explain it to them! While there is no shame in being proud of some of your more eccentric behaviors and expectations, your guarded nature in love can come across as extremely cold and aloof. Trusting people with your heart may not come easily, but not trusting is likely to be even more painful.

Pisces often confuse pity with caring, and have a way of defining themselves by the burdens they bear. There is such a thing as “too much drama!” When you lose yourself in the lower vibrations of depression, you drag those you love into despair with you. Sometimes, dear Pisces, the best thing you can do for yourself is to learn how to simply suck it up – or let it go.

Aries could stand to learn that not every thought that goes through their head needs to escape their mouths. These high-strung, spirited souls can break down their partner with acid words, not realizing the pain they cause in their quest to be the boss. Aries, be mindful that your partner is supposed to be by your side, not running to catch up – or carelessly left behind.

Taurus tends to be stubborn to the point of uncompromising. In relationships, it is possible for them to get so caught up in their own ideas, material needs, and judgments that they forget they have a partner at all. So come up for air once in a while, and look at all the love around you!

Gemini may think at the speed of light, but they often forget that others don’t. As articulate as this sign can be, they often have trouble expressing themselves when it comes to their emotional needs. Unless you are with a mind reader, you must consider taking the risk and asking for what you need, and telling the other person what it is that you fear.

Cancer can be crabby, and any Crab certainly knows how to hold a grudge. Some of these tender-hearted creatures would find life to be easier – and relationships more rewarding – if they would step back for a moment and grow a thicker skin. Lighten up! Forgiveness is much easier when you realize that those who love you aren’t necessarily trying to hurt you.

Whatever your sign, both you and your mate will have some eccentricities. At the end of the day, you can both hide behind the sun sign excuse – or you can recognize that there is always opportunity to improve. If you can curb some of your quirks, your partner may follow your lead and do the same. You have nothing to lose – and you may have a whole lot to gain!

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