Your 2013 Easter Horoscope

Easter: A Time for Rebirth and Renewal

Regardless of your religious beliefs, the Christian Easter holiday (whose roots are in the Vernal Equinox), symbolizes transformation and rebirth. A light at the end of the tunnel has been reached and we’re given a chance to start fresh with the spirit of spring on our side. Read on to find out how to harness the earth’s energies this Easter!


Love and power can be easily confused, especially for someone so interested in winning. Remember, love is unconditional. True power is a state of mind.


The people in your life (particularly those you’ve chosen) hold up a mirror. When faced with darker qualities you recognize, think about how to transform yourself—not the other person.

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While your skills of persuasion (read: manipulation) are unparalleled, now is not the time for fast talk or double speak. Be less concerned with how you’re perceived and more focused on who you really are.


Letting go is never easy, particularly for a sensitive soul such as yourself. However, it’s time to relinquish the patterns that hold you back. Be reborn in strength and you will prosper.


Don’t project. Whatever you think someone is feeling might just be your own emotions sneaking up on you. Recognize your own demons and face them. It’s the only way you can triumph.


You’re no stranger to sexual intensity. Don’t let it lead you astray under this influence, Virgo. Venus square Pluto can be like that. It can also facilitate transcendence.

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You love being in love. The problem is, you have a tendency to lose yourself. Work on enhancing your own self-worth. Then, you’ll be capable of falling in love without dissolving into it.


Relationships are our greatest teachers. While letting go of them once we’ve learned all we can is difficult, it’s what must happen sometimes, Scorpio. Like now. Release and integrate the self-knowledge you’ve acquired.


If you’re attracting people who are different in their desires than you, consider why that is. Relationships reflect our inner selves. Are you failing to acknowledge some personal struggle or need?


Success doesn’t feel as rewarding when what you’ve accomplished is out of alignment with your own highest good. Consider your goals before setting out to achieve them.


Creative expression is highlighted—in fact, it’s coming through quite intensely. Be careful where it leads you. Then again, darkness is simply the other half of light.


Be careful not to pressure your partner. While you’re feelings may be quite extreme, forcing an issue will just lead to a sense that you’ve won someone over under false pretenses. Be yourself and let others be too.

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8 thoughts on “Your 2013 Easter Horoscope

  1. donna levere

    hi have been wondering why sept 5 1966 has been so nasty to me does he have some one other than me we live together. we have been 5yrs together should I stay or move on my birthday is dec 24 1964 ill I ever get married again

  2. Gloria Strandber

    All I need to know is will I ever get my bill paid and be able to live and retire? And, will I ever get to be with my past lover, the only person I ever wanted for the rest of my life?

  3. Stacie Hunt

    Just want to know if possible, will a guy in my life who s a friend and a coworker ever realize how much I am in love with him and want to be with him? Even though he is already involved with someone.

  4. marialaloca77Mariah

    What can be said about a Cali native, Born on the Libra Cusp 6:02am. Missed the Virgo mark by only hours! Hmmmm!

  5. Isabella

    the Christian Easter holiday (whose roots are in the Vernal Equinox)

    Myth!!! So many modern day pagans want to show that Christianity has pagan roots – which isn’t exactly true. The Easter holiday is about death and rebirth – however it is variable in its time only due to the Jewish Passover. It has nothing to do with any Equinox other than this is the way the Jewish calendar worked.


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