Full Moon in Capricorn

Getting real about love and pursuing your career goals is what the Full Moon in Capricorn is all about. On July 18, 2008, the Full Moon will energize your desire for relationship commitment (sticking it out through thick and thin and growing old together is a Capricorn theme). This enterprising energy is also about committing to a career path and going for it. The Capricorn goat is, after all, an ambitious mountain climber. And yes, persistence and discipline are Cap themes as well.

However, this Full Moon isn’t just about the serious stuff. Capricorn is an Earth Sign and therefore super sensual. Taking your time with your partner to explore each other slowly from head to toe can deepen your intimate connection. Not to mention prolong the excitement. So read your Sun and Ascendant below to see how this serious and sensual Full Moon is likely to affect you.

Aries will undoubtedly feel more grounded than usual. You’ll have work on the brain, so get your goals together and go for it! You’ll have sex on the brain, too, and if you can steady your dynamic Mars energy, you’ll enjoy a more leisurely (slow and sensual) frolic between the sheets!

Taurus will focus on the broadening of horizons through travel, education or spiritual activities, where romance can be found as well. Why not enroll in a dance or pottery class to fulfill your sensual side? Or access your adventurous side (yes, you have one!) through a weekend trip.

Gemini can heighten intimacy by getting physical. Being out in nature and enjoying the moment with your partner, without too much chatter, can deepen your bond. Shared resources are also emphasized, so it may be a good time to promote your projects to investors. Review of your own finances as well.

Cancer will be the most emotional of the signs during this Full Moon. Partnership activities will accelerate, and interactions – both positive and challenging – will intensify. If you’re solo, it’s time to get clear about the kind of partner you want so the Universe can help manifest them for you.

Leo will get the urge to revise work and exercise routines. Do you have any bad habits you need to eliminate? On a more personal level, helping others will heighten your warm-hearted reputation and may bring romance as well, so why not get involved in a community or charity project?

Virgo can expect romance to heat up, so throw off your reserve and have some fun! For solo virgins, activities with friends can bring enjoyment – and perhaps a romantic interlude as well. And don’t forget your creative side, because it’s a great time to get your artsy projects off the ground.

Libra will be energized (and perhaps irritated) by family activities. Or you may spend more time with friends who are like family. In romance, creating a gorgeous ambiance for entertaining will show off your artistry and style. In any case, the urge to beautify your home will be strong.

Scorpio will find opportunities through communications and travel. Promoting your ideas can open professional doors, and expressing your feelings can open a door to love. Travel will also rev up romance, so plan an adventurous tryst for two (weekend trip to Paris, anyone?).

Sagittarius will be more practical than usual, focusing on moneymaking projects. In love, discussing what’s important to you, like values and priorities, can strengthen the foundation of your relationship. Patience is needed in romance now, so slow down to enjoy the nuances of love.

Capricorn will be focused on personal fulfillment. Make a list of things you’ve always wanted to do or have and make these dreams a priority. Your magnetism will attract others who can help you get what (or who!) you want. Networking is the key. So don’t be a wallflower – let your desires be known!

Aquarius should focus on resolving the past. Letting go of resentments with forgiveness can open the door to a fulfilling relationship – or greatly improve the intimacy with your current partner. So take some time for some soul searching to get in touch with your inner life. Heed your intuition now, too.

Pisces will be the center of attention, socially. Opportunities for both romance and work will come through friends, group activities or getting involved in community endeavors. It’s also time to focus on your dreams, so access your practical side (it’s there, trust us!) and take some steps toward your goals.

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  1. Barbara Brown

    I’m looking for a male partner that is single and available. He must be pleasant looking, have a sense of humor, and love his job.

  2. William

    These are the things I have been thinking about already. I Love the woman I chose and she will be always Loved. I actually realize that I am a good man and she deserves to be treated like a Queen. So she shall have it. Love you baby.


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