Full Moon and Eclipse in Leo

No one does drama like a lion, so get ready for some lively romantic encounters during the Full Moon eclipse in Leo on February 9, 2009. Some of those encounters may be a bit unpredictable because of the eclipse, so keep your eyes open.

But it’s not just about passion – the current array of Aquarius placements also favors friendly gatherings and getting involved in a cause close to your heart. What’s more, the Full Moon aligns with Neptune, which can bring out your inner muse. That’s because Neptune is the planet of fantasy and imagination.

Neptune also rules divine inspiration, so it’s an excellent time to work on your creative projects. However, this influence can cloud your judgment in social situations, so be sure to remove the rose-colored glasses if you want to see things clearly. In other words, keep one foot on the ground – not an easy task with idealistic Neptune beckoning to you. So be creative, stay grounded and enjoy the passion during the fun-filled Full Moon.

Aquarius: Interactions with your partner walk on the wild side during the Full Moon. Being inventive can make passionate encounters especially fun. However, irritations can escalate as well, so watch the drama. Knowing what you expect from each other will increase the clarity in your relationship. And don’t forget to express appreciation to each other.

Pisces: Your imagination kicks into high gear during the Full Moon. It’s time to pull out all the stops and let your romantic side take over. Dancing by candlelight or engaging in some role-playing can heighten the heat. Don’t be afraid to share your creativity and express what’s in your heart. Just be sure to keep it real.

Aries: Romance escalates into the stratosphere during the Full Moon – if you can decode the mixed messages headed your way. Be sure you aren’t sending any either, by communicating your needs and desires clearly. Activities with friends can bring fun and opportunities, too. Your creativity should be on fire as well, so promote your ideas.

Taurus: Your artistry is in full swing during the Full Moon, especially on the home front. Creating an enticing ambiance for entertaining friends – or for cozying up with your sweetie – will bring fulfillment and show off your style. Interactions with family members are energized as well. Just be on the lookout for miscommunications at home and at work.

Gemini: Flirting is on fire during the Full Moon, when you’re especially eloquent (or naughty!). Other communications are energized as well and can bring opportunities, so share your ideas and market your skills. A romantic trip for two can heighten passion, or perhaps you’ll meet someone special while traveling. Just be sure to double-check your plans.

Cancer: The Full Moon awakens your sensuality, which (no surprise) heats up activities in the boudoir. Getting creative with physical pursuits (massage, sex, exercise) energizes you, both in and out of the bedroom. Look for moneymaking opportunities as well, but be sure to check the facts before agreeing to anything that involves money.

Leo: The spotlight is on you during the Full Moon, making you a magnet for romance and other social activities. Now is the time to share your gifts for fun or profit. Taking the lead in love can accelerate romance, but be sure you know what (or who) you want. Also, getting involved in a group activity will show off your creativity.

Virgo: No doubt about it, you’re in the mood for some intimate encounters during the Full Moon. As such, creating a serene ambiance – with a touch of drama – will rev up romance. Dining in by firelight with some enchanting music playing in the background sets the stage for love. Let your imagination run free and enjoy!

Libra: It’s party time as the Full Moon energizes your social sector. Activities with friends bring delight, while group projects show off your talent for cooperation (and may bring a romantic interlude as well!). Plus, your inner activist is awakened now, so do some soul-searching about what skills you have to help those in need – and get involved.

Scorpio: The Full Moon energizes your leadership ability and desire to take control of your career. It’s time to promote your projects, but be sure to communicate clearly. Your need for a passionate escapade is heightened as well, but unrealistic expectations or other complications can unhinge your relationship, so be direct and speak your truth.

Sagittarius: The Full Moon illuminates your future, so take some time to evaluate where you’re headed, personally and professionally. Listening to your intuition and analyzing your dreams will provide guidance. Romance may come to you from afar, through a class or during a spiritual activity. Expanding on your education can bring a sense of accomplishment.

Capricorn: Intimate trysts are energized during the Full Moon. Using your imagination to create some sexy scenarios with your sweetie can take lust to the next level. Being direct about your needs may be the challenge. Dealing with finances can also prove challenging because of a misunderstanding, miscalculation or unexpected expense.

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