Firing on All Cylinders

Even the best communicators can have trouble getting their message across when the stars are involved. And since Mercury enters the fire sign Aries today, you’ll have to be extra careful or you might get burned by your own words.

Just take a look at the famous folks born with Mercury in Aries — Mariah Carey, Vincent Van Gogh and (gulp!) Adolf Hitler. Their common thread is communication through exaggeration.

Enthusiasm, Not Exaggeration
Luckily, you don’t have to fall into the same trap! Instead of causing trouble with tall tales, use the fire in your favor. Use the energy to show enthusiasm for projects or people that have been left by the wayside. At work, take initiative in areas you usually don’t. Be ambitious in your personal life, too, by setting goals for ways you can improve yourself and your life. Now is the perfect time to make progress.

Promotion, Not Over-Promising
One flawed form of exaggeration is promising things you know you can’t deliver. Instead of making pledges you will probably fall short on, use this time to promote your ideas and convince others to follow your passion. And when it’s time to act on those beliefs, make sure you’re only committing to things your can realistically achieve. Instead of exaggerating how quickly you can get something done, under-promise and over-deliver. It will alleviate the pressure and allow you to impress people with your ability to produce something that goes above and beyond the goal.

Leading, Not Misleading
Even though exaggeration may seem innocent, to the people on the other end of the exaggeration, it can feel like a flat-out lie. When Mercury is in Aries, you’ve got to be especially careful that your own excitement doesn’t deceive others. Instead of misleading, use this time to truly lead. With enthusiasm and honesty, you can motivate others in a fun, exciting way.

If you’re not sure how to deal with Mercury in the fire sign, there’s a good chance you’ll fall into the trap of exaggeration (yours or someone else’s!). A Psychic Astrologer can help you prepare for this planetary shift.

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